01. Sun Of The Morning
02. Sun Of The Morning (Bitch Shift Remix)
03. Sun Of The Morning (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
04. Sun Of The Morning (Schlock Tactile Remix)



Canberra is becoming known not just as the capital of Australia, but as the stomping ground for one of Australia’s rapidly rising electronic music stars, Dale Baldwin – also known as D. Baldwin.

Dale calls the latter-based music "an indie dance inspired old skool style jungle experiment driven by a love of retro 8-Bit sounds".

The Original Mix of his track, "Sun Of The Morning", is drum and bass meets classic old skool Atari, with threatening shades of Dillinja’s darker take on d&b on Valve Recordings, circa 1997.

In his remix, Melbourne’s rising tech-star, Bitch Shift, references the old school (think 1990s techno warehouse party mayhem) and reconfigures the mix to contemporary tech-house.

Next up is Sydney’s DJ Hi-Shock, who sweeps everything back to the sunny, dawn-rush of an outdoor Aussie progressive trance party, with robotic elements thrown into the concoction.

Bringing up the rear is Schlock Tactile, formerly from Melbourne but these days based in Tokyo, with a sleazy, disco-driven mix that smacks of attitude, funk, and the occasional quirky, out-of-kilter beat.



6 Comments to “D. Baldwin – Sun Of The Morning EP”

  1. The original is nice…

  2. Shlock Tactile Mix has that early tech-house rawness to it. Orig is OK, somewhat catchy.

    Tom Solo
  3. Great track with a mesmerizing buildup

    Rohan from Tokyo
  4. A cutting edge selection of mixes that bounce across the broad spectrum of styles, leaving everybody with a slice of something they should clutch at and enjoy.

    Andrez Bergen
  5. Wunderbar means wonderful in German. This EP is wunderbar. I would go far as to say oberwunderbar, or upper-wonderful. Bitch Shift’s and DJ Hi-Shock’s tech mixes are hard and powerful, with a drift towards trance in the latter version, and both sent shivers down my spine – while Shlock Tactile’s strangely funky disco-tech version had my feet also twitching.

    Ein Kleiner Schelm
  6. The Schlock Tactile remix has a nice funky feel that could get the night going in the right direction

    Dirty [M]