01. Psychic Attack
02. Electric Groove
03. No Reason



Psychic Attack opens this package with that high screechy sound that Joey Beltram used to love (think the Luke Slater remix of Forklift but a bit warmer). A hard techno track that starts of scarce and cold but gets warmer as it builds. Definitely a track for those that love their rolling bass sounds.It's borderline psychedelic with it's twisting electronic sounds and long filters in the breakdown but keeps changing to keep you on your toes and not drift off into the forest.

Electric Groove is a solid dark dirty underground warehouse party slammer, something you could expect to hear in the London free party scene, with a very intensive percussive build up over a dirty synth bass background coming up into a slamming bass kick intro back into what is a very "Electric Groove", smells of old Jeff Mills combined with D.A.V.E. the Drummer. A killer track.

No Reason is a definite change from the first two tracks, probably to bring one back to earth. A nice warm bass kick complimented by a simple but nice and bouncy warm bassline. Lots of old school X0X drum sounds. Just as you think you've got the whole groove, Warp brings in some nice percussion samples and then some synth comp sounds that would make Cari Lekebusch proud. This track just keeps building and building but never becomes a hard track or too busy, but constantly moving. A butt shaking track for sure.



9 Comments to “DJ Warp – Psychic Attack EP”

  1. No Reason is quite hypnotic and funky

    Chloe Harris
  2. Electric Groove is wild – a machine gun flurry of industro-electro tech-house in the vein of classic Luke Slater in his Peacefrog days, fused at the hip with Fumiya Tanaka’s best Torema stuff. All up? Powerful and devastating dancefloor fodder.

    Andrez Bergen
  3. 8 out of 10 for No Reason (Original) – it’s good!

    Noel Sanger
  4. No Reason reads like Jeff Mills’ incessant insect-grooves from Waveform Transmission Vol. 2, all over again!

    Dick Drone
  5. Full, lush and bangin’ techno capped off with a funky little number to shake yo’ ass to. Solid.

    Bitch Shift
  6. This is what i would call serious techno – full support!

    DJ Hi-Shock
  7. warpy techy soundz! will chart No Reason!

    Ed De Dano
  8. Electric Groove smells of old Jeff Mills combined with D.A.V.E. the Drummer. A killer track.

    Son of Zev
  9. I prefer “No Reason”, it’s quality stuff! However “Electric Groove” would be better for my set. I’ll spin it on my radio show too.