01. The Android
02. The Android (Darkmode Remix)
03. Grandparents
04. Grandparents (Roman Zawodny Remix)



The Android (original mix) is a piece of floor pumping techno, that would be equally at home at 3am in a club or an outdoor party. Almost like Christian Smith on acid, this track borders on psychedelic with it's very synthetic texture and uplufting sweeps, but there is nothing hippy about this. The amount of reverse percussion in this track combined with the very heavy synced bass line and kick make this little android really pump.

The Darkmode Remix of this track, takes it's sweepy synths and top metallic percussion line and puts it in a dark electro scape. The fidgety 808 style drum loops are somehow quite relaxing and blend well with the original synth work. This is something like what would happen if Mijk van Dijk did a track for Disko B in the mid 90's.

Grandparents (Original Mix) is reminiscent of an Acid House track without sounding retro in any way. Maybe it's the bouncy bass line, or the swept synth lines in the middle... or maybe the big orchestra punches. Whatever it is this Granparents brings back memories.... Maybe that means I'm a grandpa. This track would make a great intro to a heavier set or possibly something to bring the crowd back to their senses as the morning rolls in.

The Roman Zawodny Remix of Grandparents keeps some of the Acid House feel but throws in some more heavy and complex sounding percussion pulling back some of the synth lines and moving bringing forward the percussion. The breakdown in the middle re-introduces the sweepiness of the track but slams back the heavy rolling bass kick line and throws in a great ride cymbal on the top that is sure to lift people off their feet.

- Reviewed by Son of Zev



7 Comments to “C-System: The Android EP”

  1. good productions

    Chloe Harris
  2. The Darkmode Remix is good!

  3. Roman Zawodny Remix is very tight and would work nicely on a tranced-out dancefloor with a European bent.

    Ein Kleiner Schelm
  4. Really nice arpeggiated sounds fused with a percussive edge that spells Techno

    Bitch Shift
  5. Good tracks so explosive and hard this is not my style but really good techno tracks. regards

  6. Nice and gritty techno. The original “The Android” is my favorite, its a little fast for me, but the quality is there!

    Kev Obrien
  7. pretty heavy techno bizness with some interesting techniques and production tricks on Android Orig. Roman’s Grandparents remix brings you back to the olddays of techno.

    Tom Solo