01. Secret Surfer Remix
02. Bitch Shift Remix
03. DJ Warp Remix
04. Little Nobody Live Remix
05. Son of Zev Remix



The Little Nobody vs Dj Fodder original mix of Cocaine Speaking was a dancefloor hit around the turn of the millenium at some of Melbourne's most notorious parties, including the likes of Every Picture Tells a Story, Zoetrope and a myriad of smaller club events of that era. This compilation brings back this fantastic number with an updated feel and interpretations that while are all techno slammers that will fare well on the dancefloor and show off the individual styles of the people who have remixed it. People who listen to the whole compilation definitely won't be feeling like they've just listened to the same track 5 times.

The compilation opens with a bass driven thumper remix by Secret Surfer. This is one for the hard techno fans and although it doesn't

contain any 303 per-se would be equally at home in a Chris Liberator set. The track has a bass supported kick line and takes off from there with a stabby mid line.

The Bitch Shift remix would probably fit into the same set. This has a different take on the beat with some very spacious effects but still containing some a solid bass back-end. The guitar has somehow turned into a comping synth pad. This is all complimented by some very nice sample and hold style top-end synth work.

Japanese mastermind, DJ Warp follows this up with a very European minimal tech sound... .. Think Tresor in glory days.... Not glitchy and weak but a thumping kick and some nice chord sounds (again I think they stem from the original guitar sample but who would know??) Some very nice filter sweeps and for what I cannot think of a better way to describe, a stopping sound. The breakdown has one wondering whether they are standing up or down and filters back to a really danceable solid kick.

We are then treated to a taste of the original but played in a live sense.... For those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Little Nobody playing live (or as part of the mash up band L.N.E.E), this is a taste for what can happen...... mashed up but solid... effected and distorted. This version keeps the core of the original but introduces new samples and rather than staying with the original housey feel, the listener is taken on a journey through a blend of soundscapes that can only make them jump up and down with joy.

Son of Zev completes the compilation with a four on the floor stomper. Lots of cymbal work compliments the mashed up sample taken from the original and a re-written bass line. It has a long breakdown section which almost turns the track into a breakbeat track before slamming it back into yet another dance floor killer with filtered ride cymbals to take the floor to the ceiling.

- reviewed by Wolfgang Klein



6 Comments to “Cocaine Speaking – Techno Mixes”

  1. This remix pack does not have the power that the other 2 offered but good in its own way

    Dirty [M]
  2. Secret Surfer remix is good, thx

    Chris Drifter
  3. great banginig action! i particularly like the feel of the little nobody live remix.

  4. Cool stuff! Thanks mate..RZ

    Roman Zawodny
  5. all tracks are cool on this one, will play on radio

    Dave Tarrida
  6. I will play the Secret Surfer and DJ Warp remix!

    Gayle San