01. DJ Warp Remix
02. Bitch Shift Remix
03. Enclave Remix



'Depth Charge' was the title track of Little Nobody's 3rd album, a somewhat legendary release reminiscent of the Mary Celeste in that it was never actually released (something to do with a lost hard-drive), and was the stuff of whispers - that is, until the long lost live mix of the track appeared on the Live In Tokyo release through Hypnotic Room earlier this year. In that live session, Little Nobody collaborated with Japanese artist Magnet Toy (who previously featured on Thomas Heckmann's Trope imprint), and it was an interpretation that blew most tech-house aficionados out of the water.

The remixes here refer back to that wonderful gem of a live mix. By themselves they're nothing short of stunning, and hark from Little Nobody's two homes: his place of birth, Australia, and his adoptive abode, Japan.

Japan's ever-reliable DJ Warp commences as a close homage to the original 'Depth Charge', and adds layers of cool tech-funk and some intelligently devised rhythm structures to energize the tune into an irrepressible dancefloor stomper. We love this atmosphere; dark and hard, but beautifully uplifting and fat.

Melbourne's Bitch Shift mix starts with supreme simplicity, then slowly but surely builds and grinds, deeper and darker and heavier all the way through, until introducing a sublime orchestra underscore after the half-way point. Ethereal and essential - this is both. Planetary Assault System meets Red Planet and UR... This is what we call darkness!

Melbourne musician Enclave rounds off the selection in a wonderful way: tweaking the acid. Retaining the darkness, he adds sparkle, diversity, and depth; Enclave also gives the mix a solid, meaty punchline with a really "live Melbourne" feel to proceedings, reminiscent of classic Zen Paradox and TR-Storm!



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