01. Deep 2 (Original Mix)
02. Under the Water (Original Mix)
03. Bamboo (Original Mix)



Deep 2 - The title says it all, this is a truly nice piece of deep techno and it wouldn't surprise me if this one started going on rotation in Berlin clubs. The solid bass and kick foundation are surrounded by an arpeggiated synth and a Primeval sounding chord structure. Nice punctuation from hats and white noise and the well thought out reverb and placement of the sounds make this one very nice piece to listen to.

Under the Water lifts the pace from Deep 2 but is equally as well worked. This track features a punchy kick but not one to slam your head in. The track is framed with very nice reverb that encapsulates. The bass line works in tandem with the chord comp producing a very powerful effect. The overall frequency would ensure a rumble in the stomachs of the crowd when played on a good system.

Bamboo is also very aptly titled. The purveying percussion sound has a hollow bamboo feel about it. Some metallic percussion adds to an East Asian feel about the track. The track could be compared to some work by Cristian Vogel, with a heavy focus on the rythmic aspects of the track, with no prominent synth to speak of. This track is light hearted and would definitely get a crowd moving in the right direction when coming out of a heavier set.

Overall this is yet another fantastic well rounded release by Warp.. starting off another year with some very good music indeed.



13 Comments to “DJ Warp – Deep 2 EP”

  1. Love this side of Warp, Deep 2 is tough, driving deep techno.. hypnotice chords, solid rhythm.. in the bag.

    Kev Obrien
  2. Deep 2 is wicked, got a really ‘deep’ vibe to it…will be playing

    Ben Coda
  3. all the tracks are interesting, Deep 2 is my fav, love it’s deep vibe

  4. Serious German techno EP. Good stuff.

    Billy Disciple
  5. under the water” has a strong groove supported by a tight bassdrum and some hypnotic stabs… this is my favorite on this release!

  6. DJ Warp is stepping it up with this release, ture show of what this producer can do.

    Dirty [M]
  7. bamboo is funky techno and best on the release

    Peter McGill
  8. Bamboo — just enough off the beaten path here — nicely done!

  9. nice deep sound

  10. love the new tracks, can i have some full length to play out!

  11. i like the beats in bamboo, but i think deep 2 is very good and under the water is nice as well. deep is a great tune. wil play it for warm up

    Chloe Harris
  12. Under the water is cool..will play. Nice work!!!

    Roman Zawodny
  13. nice track, will playing in longer sets

    Andy Newland