01. Underground (Ree.K Remix)
02. Underground (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
03. Underground (Original New Network Mix)



In a follow up to Psy-Tekk Vol.1, Psi Room meets one of Japan's best female techno DJ's and producers, Ree.K and delivers wild, hallucinogenic mixes of the powerfull track "Underground".

Ree. K's remix embraces classic goa with industrial techno and tweaks the spaced-out sounds of the original track; it's like classic Time Modem and the best of The Overlords set mixed and matched with a vintage Orbital groove and Ken Ishii in his R&S days, thence filtered down and decanted with a knowing eye on the contemporary electro-tech scene.

The DJ Hi-Shock remix is exactly that - wild, unrelenting, darker and grubbier, with a warehouse-style power that hallmarks this Sydneysider's sound palette. Fresh new minimalistic-tech grooves combined with those dark, hypnotizing sounds of the Original, make this a must for any serious techno mind.

The New Network mix is pure "psy-tekk" (dark goa trance and hard techno), pushing through flashbacks of a time when the music was new, raw, and genuine; while its heart may be in a vaguely forgotten prenatal techno scene, the production quality here and the various aural asides are most definitely 2009.

Unafraid to address the past in the very the same moment as they take on future directions, Elektrax Recordings punts another winning combination of both. Essential.



4 Comments to “Psi Room – Underground – Ree.K Remix”

  1. sounds like pretty hard goa to me. not my genre but all tracks seem to have pretty good energy, peak time flava and are well produced

  2. The Ree K remix is a Electro/Techno sound a real dance floor stomper. will support

  3. punched out techno for dark nights! i love it!

  4. Ree.K Remix – Wicked Bass synth!