01. Mania (Original Mix)
02. Mania (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
03. Mania (DJ Warp Remix)



'Mania', the debut teaming of Gayle San and Elektrax Recordings, is a release full to the brim with dance floor goodness.

From Gayle's original work, a bass driven thumper that wraps filtered synth stabs around an absolutley slammin' kick drum to deliver tough funk, to DJ Hi-Shock's remix who takes the journey deeper underground through re-working the stabs and sub-bass into electro-tech madness full of depth, energy, hard grooves and tribal, minimalistic rhythms.

Closing out the release is the DJ Warp remix, an artist Gayle herself has grown to appreciate over the last 6-12 months. The Warp remix is delivered on a semi-house tip with clever filtering of synth lines that resemble filtered out disco guitars and a toned down kick with funky hi-hats.

'Mania', like the name suggests, will send the floor into a dance frenzy.



14 Comments to “Gayle San – Mania EP”

  1. I like both Original and DJ Hi-Shock remix.
    The Original sounds like Jeff Mills in his best days.
    DJ Hi-Shock got great stabs!

    orlando voorn
  2. ALL mixes are banging good!!

    DJ Ichitomi
  3. DJ Hi-Shock Remix has good atmosphere.

  4. “Loving the Hi-Shock remix, nice big room techno sounds!

    Matt Smallwood
  5. Coooooooool!!!!I love this filtered sound in DJ Hi-Shock mix. I want to play this tune!

    Takashi Watanabe
  6. Love the rolling bass on DJ Hi-Shock remix..nice bottom end and good use of those filtered synth stabs. A real club thumper.

    Ben Mill
  7. That subtle initial groove of the DJ Hi-Shock remix is a killer…it has a very latino/south American feel in its early stages (culturally music speaking not dance music speaking)…The rolling toms/drumwork near the outs is also superb

  8. DJ Hi-Shock remix is big, I’d go so far as to say GRAND. Very, very cool – shades of old school Detroit, restrained moments of Planetary Assault Systems and mid ’90s Dave Clarke (the classic time), but very contemporary. The groove is an absolute killer.

    Andrez Bergen
  9. DJ Hi-Shock remix is wicked!

    Material Object
  10. like the hypnotic feel to the original, with the tempo droppped slightly, this will sound nice

    Sasha Le Monnier
  11. DJ Hi-Shock’s is a cool pumping remix…will be playing out for sure. The synth stabs make for a cool vibe!

    Roman Zawodny
  12. It’s good to see a Techno artist like Gayle San stick to her guns! Mania is straight up deep, funky, Detroit style Techno. I will deffo play this out.

  13. Hi-Shock mix spanks, with just a little bit of melody

    Nosmo v Kris B
  14. dj hi-shock did a monster remix on this release. i love the harder but deep kind of techno this remix is pulling out.