01. Elusion (Original Mix)
02. In Testa (Original Mix)
03. Deject 02 (Original Mix)



Elektrax has come out with another fantastic package for the techno devotee. Polygon Prompt is definitely for the DJ who has an intelligent crowd that wants to cut loose.

Elusion could be the love child of Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing. This is hard and fast with lots of sub to keep the peak hour rush going on and up and up. While a very hard track, the soundscape is not harsh and is very listenable. The heavily filtered break down works up to some very tasteful synth. There is some very clever work in the top end and Polygon Prompt doesn't settle for just keeping the hips happy with the bass but something up the top for the mind as well.

In Testa continues on nicely from Elusion, with a more defined bottom end and even more work in the top end. This track would work perfectly in the build up to a peak section of good solid techno set. The synth comp is of the Swedish style and is added to by some nice sweeps in the top end. The hats are soft in tone but relentless in rhythm. Hard as it is, this is a very warm track and won't be scaring people away but is more likely to get them back on their feet.

Deject 02 is a nice synthetic percussion track that travels at a fantastic pace. It feels like late 90's German wonder that has been updated for 2009. The rolling bass rhythm is counterpointed by some percussive synth on the top with some nice reversing sounds as punctuation. New sounds keep being introduced and swapped through the track for a nifty yet subtle constant build. The drums have been kept nice and tight in their sound so that it never becomes muddy or undefined. Definitely an athletic workout for the avid dancer!

- Reviewed by Wolfgang Klein



6 Comments to “Polygon Prompt – Elusion EP”

  1. PolygonPrompt ep, I’d jack #1 & #2

    wyndell long
  2. this is a cracking release. track 2 is my favourite deep but hard and funky!

    orlando b
  3. Excellent, love it! :)

  4. Yep. Pure Techno.

    Bitch Shift
  5. In Testa does it for me big time…..Loving the combination of pace,dark housier pads and that crisp cybernetic top end…….top work indeed.

  6. This is what i call real techno, love all tracks!!!

    DJ Hi-Shock