01. Robota (Steve Stoll Remix)
02. Robota (Polygon Prompt Remix)
03. Robota (Darkmode Remix)
04. Robota (Koda Remix)
05. Robota (Elektronauts -Robotech- Remix)



This is the remix that Elektrax has just been itching to unleash, from a man who's been one of Little Nobody's favorite techno producers since 1995, and is currently in the studio with pioneering electronic band Front 242.

We're talking the Blunted Boy Wonder himself, Steve Stoll, one of techno's finest luminaries, a man who's cut records for NovaMute, Proper N.Y.C., Harthouse, Synewave, Djax-Up-Beats, and Mike Dearborn's Majesty Recordings.

His remix here completely flattened us, left us gasping for air, and at a loss for effective descriptive words - dying to be heard on a packed techno floor, this is pure, unadulterated techno by someone truly special. Steve Stoll knows how to do minimal; he's got a real knack for it, and combining that knack with Toshiyuki Yasuda's vocal line, he's hit the next plateau techno-wise.

Luckily for you and me, the other mixes here stand up to the grand master challenge!

The Polygon Prompt remix has an old school vibe which is more than just cool - it reminds us of Percy X, just a bit harder - with great production too. This, of course, is par for course for Mr P.P., and it's heavy, hard and suitably relentless in funky new ways.

Darkmode then applies subtle instrumentation at the beginning of his mix, while a dark wash from about 1:00 conjures up feelings of a suspense soundtrack, without being scary; it's dark and ethereal. Then it kicks into its own awesome take on the techno equation.

Melbourne's latest enfant terrible, Koda, offers up superbly innovative, dark and gritty techno stylings that left us quivering - a mix that shouted out to be included in any collection daring to call itself a techno remixes collection.

Wrapping up proceedings, the Elektronauts deliver their second go at the track, the Robotech remix - with the deepest reverb/echo effect man has ever heard on the already vocodered vocal line, and a huge, fathomless techno-structure we're betting sonar could never quite penetrate.

Bold? Yes. Brash? Certainly. Exemplary techno? Without a single doubt.



29 Comments to “Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira – Robota – Techno Mixes”

  1. Steve stoll remix is pumping!

    orlando voorn
  2. The Steve Stoll mix is the one for me. Love it. Thanks! Like the Elektronauts one too, but it wouldn’t fit in any of my sets…

    Alex Blanco (UK)
  3. I love the Stoll mix – I know it’s a smidgeon more tech than what normally goes on our show, but the spectrum is – as always – wide…

    Lars Ollo (Extended Play 2SER)
  4. Steve Stoll remix is doing the business for me!

    Luke's Anger (UK)
  5. This one is right up my alley! If I had to choose, I’d say the Steve Stoll & Elektronauts are the remixes I’m most likely to play. It’s hard to say which one I like best because they’re all good!

    Anton Banks (USA)
  6. really like the steve stoll mix, will get lots of plays

    jon rundell (uk)
  7. Steve Stoll is one of my all-time favourites.
    Very nice release. I will play it.

    Martin Mueller (NoSleepMusic)
  8. Sounds like all the remixes are great! Happy to hear one by Mr Steve Stoll!

    Dimitri Pike
  9. steve stoll and koda for me!

    dave tarrida (spain)
  10. Really love Steve Stoll remix and Koda remix.

    DP-6 (Russia)
  11. Like the Steve Stoll & Darkmode remixes best!

    Bas Mooy (Netherlands)
  12. Steve Stoll Remix, will support.

    Dich (Uruguay)
  13. I’m loving the Steve Stoll remix it’s old skool 90’s Techno dark & twisted. The Polygon Prompt remix is rocking proper full on dancefloor Techno.

    Darkmode (UK)
  14. Good all round release with various spins on the original.

    Ben Mill (Hypnotic Room)
  15. All the mixes have done my head in – some superb, disparate takes on the original. Cheers, mates.

    Little Nobody
  16. I like the Steve Stoll mix very much….The Elecktonauts mix is interesting too.

    Michael MD (Spraci)
  17. The Steve Stoll Remix is simply amazing!

    E383 (Scotland)
  18. Stoll’s remix is the heat!! Full support from me. Thanks!

    Roman Zawodny (USA)
  19. steve stoll!!! what more can I say ?

    DAVE the Drummer (UK)
  20. great EP! will play Steve Stoll remix!

    DJ Warp (Japan)
  21. The Steve Stoll Remix is the one for me and the other remixes are nice too :)

    Martin Mueller (Austria)
  22. I like tracks 1 and 4.

    SERi (Japan)
  23. Steve Stoll Remix is my favorite! Nice groove, dark atmosphere…i like it!

    Claudio Masso (Italy)
  24. nice to hear master stoll again :-) good mixes.

    wyndell long (chicago, usa)
  25. Proper minimalistic grooves here from Steve Stoll, full respect for sticking to his guns and never drifting away from his style!

    DJ Hi-Shock
  26. Not much to say, really. The track continues to open a series of glorious cans of worms by people far more talented than me – none more so than here! Steve Stoll remix is a killer that I’ve spun about 150 times and still love; others are equally cool, and the Koda mix is brilliant. Plus I kind’a dig what Simon and I did together… ;)

  27. Steve Stoll remix continues to rock my world. Glorious techno!!

    Nina P
  28. “Great remix [The Elektronauts]. Not sure what it is, probably the space, but something reminds me of Der Dritte Raum… obviously a bit tougher. Wunderbar!”

  29. “The Elektronauts remix cranks… dubby tech goodness with just enough glitch to wake the complacents.”