01. Jass Muzak (Wyndell Long Remix)
02. Jass Muzak (Original Mix)
03. Jass Muzak (Wyndell Long Drum Mix)



Chicago is not just a windy place, the largest non-coastal U.S. city, or the undisputed home of house music.

Andrez Bergen, an Aussie music journalist who did his post-grad uni thesis on industrial music in Britain in the 1970s, partially cut his DJing teeth on the Chicago output of labels like Relief Records, Dance Mania and Radikal Fear in the mid '90s. But Andrez also has a lingering affection for the Chicago-style jazz rooted in traditional jazz and blues from the deep South, and his long-time favorite musician is Chicago-born drummer, Gene Krupa.

So, for his latest Little Nobody exercise in gripping, tech-seared introspection, Andrez went back to these "roots", deconstructed the rhythm patterns of early jazz percussion, and reconfigured the outcome into the glorious freestyle techno-philanderings of 'Jass Muzak'.

No shock that, remix-wise, Andrez turned to one of his favorite contemporary Chicago DJ/producers, Wyndell Long - a man who'd previously worked with Mike Dearborn and popped up on superb labels like Peacefrog, Djax, Pro-Jex and Primate.

But Wyndell then surprised us all by responding with not just one brilliant remix, but two. "I wanted them to keep the main original sounds, but be rooted in the classic Chicago sound - without sounding too crusty," he assessed.

His superb stuff is the real deal, our cup of tea for sure; we have to say that both mixes absolutely rock, and together form a purist taste of Elektrax Recordings material.

"It's nice to be able to get back into the funk and have some fun. This is the kind of stuff I like to spin," Wyndell says.

Simple as that.



19 Comments to “Little Nobody – Jass Muzak (Wyndell Long Remixes)”

  1. “Very different sounding. I like it. I look forward to hearing more from little nobody.”

    LLavoe (USA)
  2. The mixes here are fantastic especially Wyndell Long’s, this is innovative techno!!!!

    Masataka Umehara
  3. It’s like a mix of techno and jazz, what a knock-out!

    Kana Masaki (Clean Hands, Japan)
  4. “great track reminds me of good old corl cox style techno…” – 4/5

    Merk-E (usa)
  5. “Knocked me flat!” – 5/5

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  6. I like track 1. It’s beautiful.

    SERi (Japan)
  7. The first Wyndell Long remix absolutely rocks.. I think he puts it best himself as this really does capture the Chicago sound… without being too cheesy at all.. The original is classic Little Nobody.. Nice and funky filtered stuff..Lovely Little Nobody drum… which then Wyndell takes and filters even more in his Long Drum mix .. I can see this one being the late night Dance floor filler

    Son of Zev (Melbourne)
  8. The Wyndell Long Remix is amazing it has a deep Detroit Techno sound & the original is nice & chunky dancefloor Techno all in all it’s an amazing release.

    Darkmode (UK)
  9. Wyndell’s first mix has been on repeat on my iPod for weeks – it’s absolutely brilliant techno, without being samey or inane in any way whatsoever. Brilliant interpretation.

    Little Nobody
  10. Beautiful!

    DJ Ichitomi
  11. Wyndell Long remixes of Jazz Muzak are f***en sh*t hot.

    Craig McWhinney
  12. great mix of trax!!!!!!

    Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Shitkatapult)
  13. I love the Little Nobody “Jass Muzak” original version – I will play this tune in next party!

    Takashi Watanabe
  14. Bravo. Brilliant release!!

    Pete PSAF
  15. cool!
    i wanna play it !

    DJ Warp
  16. Sometimes getting back to basics is the best thing you can do. Thats evident with this release. Classic House/Techno sounds concocted together to create dancefloor goodness. Stabs, filters, delays. Can’t argue with that ;)

    Bitch Shift
  17. This is an amazing release….so much tough,funky percussive goodness with that great deep housey rolling sound in full effect too.Andrezz and Wyndell be proud!!!

  18. One awesome EP! Massive respect to Wyndell for keeping it real, this is proper techno.

    DJ Hi-Shock
  19. WAY cool.

    Nina P