01. U.F.O. (Original Mix)
02. U.F.O. (e383 Remix)
03. Insomnia (Original Mix)



U.F.O. is a speedy techno track with noisy synth like an U.F.O. communication. Always up and down this track have a massive drum kit that gives it a constant frenzy.

On the second track, Scottish acid master e383 delivers an acid techno thumper remix of U.F.O.

Final track Insomnia, is a "trip" into the darkness of electronic music. Hard hitting kick, powerful, deep synth that grows on with distorted voices layered on top, giving you the feeling of a feverish state of mind.



10 Comments to “Claudio Masso – U.F.O.”

  1. hello sorry for the delay :)
    insomnia is big big track for djset very dark, i like…

    homme studio

    Homme Studio
  2. Insomnia is some serious widescreen madness for sure…i like it darker!!

  3. I’m loving the e383 remix it’s proper old skool 90’s style Techno

  4. cool sounds and very crazy trax .. 03 is my fav

    Pascal Mollin / Wave System
  5. cool EP! i love Insomnia(original mix)!!!!

    DJ Warp
  6. This is crazily cool shit – bravo.

    Andrez (Little Nobody)
  7. 3 strong tracks. 2 great originals and 1 jackin’ remix. 2 and 3 are going to be played a lot.

    wyndell long
  8. UFO (Original Mix) is a WINNER!

    Claude Young (CYNET:MEDIA)
  9. I like acid and bleepy sound. Nice!

    SERi (Japan)
  10. If you want some real darkness from outer space, then Insomnia is for YOU! This track is absolutely mind blowing! FULL SUPPORT!!!

    DJ Hi-Shock