01. Multiq (Original Mix)
02. Sord (Original Mix)
03. Indix (Enclave remix)
04. Indix (Original Mix)
05. Uphill (Original Mix)



Koda delivers a solid industrial techno release with this his “Multiq EP”.

The title track ”Multiq” is strong bass driven monster with an awesome breakdown. Overall this track would serve as a great 3 deck tool.

Up next is ”Uphill”. Perhaps better suited to the start of a set this track has a strong slow burning progression and build up that would lock in the floor very nicely.

“Indix” (Enclave remix) is a deep and dark acidic techno take on its namesake that has a “friendly and warm” side to it as well….beware this one’s a creeper!!

The original version of “Indix” shows off some more subtle layers with some interesting percussion and some very deep bass rumblings complimented nicely by that pulsating synth pad that morphs into the distance as the track steamrolls towards its end.

“Sord” is another strong techno stomper with yet another engaging breakdown that would work well on the harder-edged dancefloors.

Koda proves aptly with this EP that while you can have techno that can be dancefloor centric on closer inspection there is plenty here for the mind and discerning ear to indulge in as well.



7 Comments to “Koda – Multiq EP”

  1. ooh, we very much like this one!

    Bass Bitch
  2. oh man thats awesome! proper tech! indix original and sord are my tunes! really nice

    Daniel L.
  3. Oh yeah ;)
    Vicious industrial sounds…nice stuff

  4. “Uphill”and”Sord”for me….great rolling soundscapes!!

  5. Definite floor bangers!! Full support for “Multiq” and “Sord”. 3 out of 5.

    Jerome Baker
  6. Awesome ‘voodoo techno’ from Koda!!! we want more!!!

    Bitch Shift
  7. Koda is easily one of the more talented techno musos to come out of Melbourne, and Melbourne itself has had quite a lot of them. Absolutely loving his tracks, like the ones on this release – dirty, techy, and a joy to DJ out, let alone enjoy on the floor. Essential.

    Andrez (Little Nobody)