01. 0811 (Original Mix)
02. 0811 (Steve Stoll Remix)
03. 0811 (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
04. 0811 (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix)
05. 0811 (Masa Remix)



The Original Mix by Ree.K, comes chock full of sonic delight. High detail on effects, EQ, reverb, and plenty of other aural delicacies; this track grooves with a real funky analog-esque bassline and solid kick. Ree.K provides us with some truly bugged out vox samples. The mixture of these bits with some great synth patches make this one a classic. Nice work!

Steve Stoll Remix is an absolute banger, lookout dancefloors! People will be out buying new kicks the morning after this one hits the stores. A seriously powerful bass fueled edge is provided in this one. Proper percussion parts encompass nastily dark reverberations; alongside synth parts reminiscent of dark warehouses in the late 90's, with a growler of a bassline, carefully designed interludes, and wonderful breaking edge sounds; this ones a stomper, great track.

The DJ Hi-Shock Remix is absolutely the most talented display of the use of reverb i have seen to this day! Everything is held together under this dark cloud of reverberation, this one is truly dark techno at its finest. Stunning percussive hits, intricate hi hats, and a nice bass/kick combo; this one bleeds with sonic bliss. Stunning work by the Elektrax chief. Nice one Simon!

The intro on Ryuji Takeuchi Remix provides great contrast to what is to come in this one. We are greeted by whispering and suddenly this track develops into a wicked menacing beast of a techno composition. Ryuji provides one twisted bassline growling in an animalistic plea. That plea is answered by an army of proper percussion; perfectly audible, and layered amongst the other elements in the mixdown. Some metallic yet melodic lead elements are complimented by hi quality reverb and intricate perc patterns, this cut provides a guaranteed way to get people moving, along with such pounding low end punch. More warehouse feel in here as well...sure to work well in the heart of a set of proper banging techno.

The Masa Remix provides a slower interpretation of the original with some really quality spaced out reverberations. This cut makes one feel as if they have been transported into a dark soundscape of shuffling rhythms and breaking edge eeriness. The growling acidic bassline works well with the swinging hi hat patternz. Complete with some hi quality cyber-istic sounds in the interlude; at the half way mark; we are then greeted by lovely synth arps which really glue this one together into a classic techno creation.

- reviewed by V1NZ



7 Comments to “Ree.K – 0811”

  1. a real techno come back? will play steve stoll remix & original, goooo
    homme studio

    Homme Studio
  2. Powerfull, energetic Remix by DJ Hi-Shock! great work!

    Virgil Enzinger
  3. i like DJ Hi-Shock Remix, will play!

    Ortin Cam
  4. DJ Hi-Shock’s remix, that’s techno mate !!!! Wow really fat !!

    Octave (France)
  5. will play @ Slinky FM.

  6. high quality techno for sure!!! an awesome release!!!
    love the hi-shock and the ryuji takeuchi remix!!!

    Daniel L.
  7. all hi quality techno……….