01. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira – Robota (Steve Stoll Remix)
02. V1NZ – Schematics
03. Psi Room – Underground (Ree.K Remix)
04. Gayle San – Mania (Original Mix)
05. Koda – Multiq (Original Mix)
06. Claudio Masso – Insomnia (Original Mix)
07. DJ Hi-Shock – Suburbia (Psi Room’s Dark Funk Remix)
08. DJ Warp – Psychic Attack (Original Mix)
09. Polygon Prompt – In Testa
10. Flag75 – Swamp (Original Mix)
11. Little Nobody – Cocaine Speaking (Secret Surfer Remix)
12. E383 – Haunebu1 (Original Mix)
13. A.T.A. – Classicz 909
14. Little Nobody vs. Magnet Toy – Depth Charge (Bitch Shift Remix)
15. DJ Warp – Godzilla (Paul Mac Remix)
16. Secret Surfer – Download (DJ Hi-Shock’s 2009 Edit)



Elektrax Recordings has come full circle.

A label that started out as the simple vinyl outlet for purist, unadulterated techno - "proper techno", as the label's head honcho DJ Hi-Shock prefers to call it - has subsequently been unafraid to embrace new technologies and expand itself into one of the most cutting edge digital download labels over the past 2 years. And now it's cutting vinyl again, alongside the download material.

With release number 50, Elektrax Recordings is delivering up a superb anniversary compendium to celebrate some of its greatest tracks from the past releases to date, sourced from the talented regular label artists and showcasing the true spirit of both the musicians and the label with their undiluted, unpasteurized, proper techno sound.

Think gob-smacking moments both dark and minimalistic; grooves hard-edged, and beats funky. Then triple the equation and you're somewhere close to this scintillating terrain.

The title is 'Phuture Movement', hammering home the growing notion that Elektrax and its posse of associated artists are supporters of real-deal techno and want to support not only its current sounds - but at the same time look forward to the future, explore and innovate with sounds both ingenious and unexpected, and remain true to the followers and the ever-morphing scene... without ever selling out.

A mentality Elektrax has consistently worked with since elek-001.

Here's to another 50 - or better yet 500!



5 Comments to “Phuture Movement – Anniversary Silver Edition”

  1. I love this music i play it DAY and NIGHT i can’t turn it off

  2. What a line up. Very humbled to make it on this. Thanks Elektrax!

    Bitch Shift
  3. This will be an historical release for sure!

    All the best sound from Elektrax in one release…. what else!? :)

    Claudio Masso
  4. “Gob-smacking” – couldn’t agree more. What a superb selection. Happy birthday, Elektrax! ;)

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  5. Very cool! Love it! :)