01. Melancholia (DJ Hi-Shock’s 2010 Mix)
02. Melancholia (Rob Rage Remix)
03. Melancholia (Hristian Stojanowski Remix)
04. Melancholia (Omega Drive Remix)
05. Melancholia (Shaun Mauren Remix)
06. Melancholia (Bitch Shift Remix)
07. Melancholia (V1NZ Remix)
08. Melancholia (Koda Remix)
09. Melancholia (Enclave Remix)



I have loved DJ Hi-Shock's 'Melancholia' since he first demo'd it to me well before its inception into the Techno ranks at the beginning of '09'. In a world of new age minimalism and toned down aggression it was more than refreshing to hear a big, unrelenting warehouse stomper pumping through my monitors once again.

Now, in homage to the original, 8 artists with a penchant for the ruff and tuff stuff have come together to remix the original. Think big. Think tough. Think driving. Think dark. School is not out...and there is a new bully in town.

-Bitch Shift

The original Melancholia release can be found here:



16 Comments to “DJ Hi-Shock – Melancholia Remixes”

  1. i love the “DJ Hi-Shock’s 2010 Mix”, wow :p) big hypnosis

    Homme Studio
  2. Shaun Maurens Mix did the job for me ! Massive Track !

    Martin Mueller
  3. Pure quality on all the remixes, my favourites are Rob Rage, Dj Hi-Shock and Hristian Stojanowski’s remixes.
    Great release once again, keep up the good work guys!!!

    Shaun Mauren
  4. I think the whole release is very hot. My faves have to be DJ Hi-Shock’s 2010, and the Hristian Stojanowski, as well as my remix. I am also looking forward to more releases with Elektrax Recordings.

    Rob Rage
  5. Shaun Mauren… Impressive Remix!!!!!!

  6. hristian & shaun’s remixes will be jacked! Good stuff.

    Wyndell Long
  7. My fav is Shaun Mauren Remix!

  8. Oh man, what a range – really digging the V1NZ, Bitch Shift, Enclave and Koda numbers, but that’s because I’m biased – all of these are rocking versions of a great original techno track.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  9. V1NZ Remix is the one for me… driving and percussive elements will do.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  10. I’m spolied for choice with this release as there is loads of amazing remixes on here that proper dance floor Techno will support for sure.

  11. Amongst all the gold here Hristian Stojanowski and Shaun Mauren are tickling me the mos..V1nz delivers as well….fantastic stuff.

  12. It’s cool sound!!

    Kuniaki Takenaga
  13. Original mix is cooooool ;)
    Rob Rage cool too!

    orlando voorn
  14. Rob Rage just made me wanna touch myself…hope to find that track on vinyl :D

  15. Rob Rage mix is brilliant!

    Roman Zawodny
  16. Brilliant set of mixes all up. Really digging the ones from Koda, Bitch Shift and V1NZ, and Hi-Shock’s 2010 reconsideration rocks.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)