01. Deh-Noizer & Oniks – The Prayer (Original Mix)

02. Deh-Noizer & Oniks – The Prayer (Dave The Drummer Remix)

03. Deh-Noizer & Oniks – The Prayer (Simone Barbieri Viale Remix)

04. Deh-Noizer & Oniks – True Spirit (Original Mix)




18 Comments to “Deh-Noizer & Oniks – The Prayer EP”

  1. Nice release, w’ll support!

    Morgan Tomas
  2. very good guyz!! Simone’s remix for me!

    Claudio Ponticelli
  3. True Spirit orig. is the one for me.

  4. nice release. support.

    Patrick DSP
  5. Another great release from Elektrax. The Prayer original does the job for me. Killer.

    Dr Hoffmann
  6. Brillant remix from The Drummer!

    Sasha Carassi
  7. D.A.V.E the Drummer’s remix is filthy – love it. True Split’s not so bad either ;-)

    Daz Furey
  8. great release! somone barbieri remix and spirit our favs!

  9. Very nice release!!

  10. nice ep. dave the drummer remix is the one to go. support.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  11. Great release! Dave the Drummer remix is a bomb!!!

    Axel Karakasis
  12. wow! amazing release! is hard to choice between these monster tracks! Anyway “The Prayer (Original Mix)” is my fav! excellent stuff!

    Claudio Masso
  13. really a nice ep all the tracks are great! I’m sure that the prayer original mix will break out the dancefloors!!!

  14. Loving Dave The Drummer rmx! massive! Good Ep!

    daniela haverbeck
  15. very nice ep. favirit is the prayer original

    Torsten Kanzler
  16. True Spirit is doing it for me, wll play it for sure!

    Spark Taberner
  17. Dave The Drummer Remix is getting hammered!

    Roman Zawodny
  18. The Prayer, what a wickid choon + Dave The Drummer’s remix is just storming. Well looking forward to getting my hands on this piece of vinyl and securing it in my box :D

    Mark Harris (monky007)