A new compilation from Elektrax Recordings featuring releases from the darker sides of hard-techno and hard banging minimal!

01. Secret Surfer – Moon Girl
02. Alice Yung – Discovery (Underground Mix)
03. Secret Surfer – Digital Flare
04. Zen Paradox – Acidic Afterburn
05. Secret Surfer – Purple Flare (Euro Mix)
06. DJ Hi-Shock – Suburbia (Downtown Mix)
07. Secret Surfer – Download (Hakker Mix)
08. DJ Hi-Shock – Nagano (Cave Mix)
09. Psi Room – Underground (New Network Mix)
10. DJ Hi-Shock – Keep the Groove (Sky Mix)
11. Secret Surfer – Minimal Future (Leypzikk Mix)
12. DJ Hi-Shock – Nagoya (Live Mix)
13. Secret Surfer – Minimal Flare
14. FSOM – Welcome (Thomas P Heckmann Mix)
15. DJ Hi-Shock – Hypnotik Dancer




5 Comments to “The Hard, The Dark and The Minimal – Various Artists”

  1. This is amazing techno, i like this hard style

    DJ Elle
  2. This shit’s too fuckin’ crazy & dark for me, but if twisted is your bag then you’ll dig them…

  3. That’s what i call proper techno – full marks!

    DJ Dann
  4. yes that zen paradox track is a killer so am looking forward to hearing this.

    Johnny Dada
  5. Excellent combination of tech sounds, particularly ZenParadox and DJ Hi-Shock.

    Marcel Duchamp