01. World Go Nuts (Original Mix)
02. World Go Nuts (Nicky C Remix)
03. What About Us (Original Mix)
04. Heavy Ground (Original Mix)
05. Missing (Techno Version)



The 43rd release from Australia's Elektrax Progressive sees resident Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire Stereo Underground aka Yariv Etzion take center stage with his new 2010 effort; World Go Nuts EP.

This smashing EP opens with the original mix of the title track, a progressive tech house monster that features some very interesting new sounds from this accomplished producer. On the remix tip sees Malaysian DJ/Producer Nicky C back in action, this time with his Twisted Fingers Mix of 'World Go Nuts' coming in at #2 on the EP. We hope you like these gems!

Going deeper into the EP is track #3; 'What About Us'. Featuring more strange bleeps, some piano chords and some equally solid hits and stabs, this makes a nice buffer for the very massive prog-tech house track; 'Heavy Ground', an excellent track made for blowing up dancefloors across the world!

Closing the EP is the Techno Version of 'Missing' - Another brilliant track from Stereo Underground - The man behind solid tech beats and world class production skills. Get ready to go nuts!



9 Comments to “Stereo Underground – World Go Nuts EP”

  1. Missing is nice :)

  2. “full support will rock the dancefloor for sure!” – 5.0 / 5

    Xaric (France)
  3. Missing is the one for me here!

    Dan Southward (United Kingdom)
  4. I like last 3 tracks. Heavy Ground kicking !!

    Timo Vega (UK)
  5. Massive package with full of wicked tunes! Keep on the great work elektrax !

  6. ‘What about us’ and ‘Heavy Ground’ are my favs. Tested
    allready and worked perfect!

    Tom Flagman
  7. i like nicky c’s and original

    chloe harris
  8. Thanx! Original the Best for us!!!

  9. Great EP!!! Full support from Uriel