Logo Side: A
a1) Mania (Bas Mooy Remix)
a2) Mania (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)

Info Side: B
b1) Mania (Gayle’s Summer Mix)
b2) Mania (Kuniaki Takenaga Remix)



On the A side, Bas Mooy delivers a steady techno work-out that has already been receiving big support from Dave Clarke. DJ Hi-Shock takes the journey deeper underground through re-working the stabs and sub-bass into electro-tech madness full of depth, energy, hard grooves and tribal, minimalistic rhythms.

Side B is introduced by Gayle San, who goes for a more funky techno approach with her Summer Mix and closing out the release is Kuniaki Takenaga, an artist from northern part of Japan and the driving force behind hard-techno outfit Dispired Industrials.

‘Mania’, like the name suggests, will send the floor into a dance frenzy!



18 Comments to “Gayle San – Mania Remixes (12″ Vinyl)”

  1. Man, killer stuff for sure – that Bas Mooy remix is dark, heavy, lovingly demanding tech, and great to see Hi-Shock get to bang it as is his wont! Gayle San’s own mix is also cool. I’m loving Kuniaki Takenaga’s remix a lot, too.

    Andrez (Little Nobody/Funk Gadget)
  2. Supporting the entire release :) solid!! Mooy’s remix is fav….full of drama. Will be charting.

    Roman Zawodny
  3. Fantastic sounds.

  4. nice release, Bas’s mix is the pick of the bunch for me.

    Ben Long ( space djz )
  5. not only is it great to see vinyl re-visitation, but its even more great to hear the quality of the cuts on this one!!! nice work. Hi-Shock your remix is wild… but this has been the case with all of your remixes recently. GREAT STUFF!!!

  6. DJ Hi-Shock Remix is the one for me. Authentic techno formula.

    Ken Ishii
  7. will use all mixes, Think Gayle’s remix and DJ Hi-Shock has the edge!

    Trevor Rockcliffe
  8. I like Hi-Shock and Takenaga remix !!

    DJ Warp
  9. good job “Kuniaki Takenaga” i like this for djset :)

    Homme Studio
  10. nice collection. will support. thanks!

    Luke Slater
  11. bas mooy mix is some serious tech. will be in my mixes.

    wyndell long
  12. I like the BAs Mooy remix, thx

    Steve Parker
  13. P.S: Kudos to the mastering, great job.

    Bitch Shift
  14. Love the rolling toms and the delayed stabs in the Hi-shock remix :)

    Bitch Shift
  15. all will work the dancefloor… dark, deep and percussive! hard to pick a favourite as i will play them all.

    Orlando B
  16. hell yeah …. another pumping shit !!!!! good stuff Gayle !
    and the winner is : ….Hi shock RMX – reminds me all the track i did for bush rec in the past – good mix
    but gayles summer mix is the 1 i m gonne feature most , coz that is the most simular track to my sets atm :)))
    wait …while i was typing takenagas mix played through and i must say – i have to play his mix too … good vibes the whole EP…

    ELEKTRAX – defo a label you can trust !

    commander tom
  17. cool stuff! will play it out in my next mixes!

    Daniel L.
  18. Bas Mooy mix is banging!

    orlando voorn