01. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express (Nagano to Tokyo Mix)

02. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express (Hideo Kobayashi remix)

03. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)

04. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express (Ken Ishii remix)

05. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express (Gayle San Remix)



DJ Hi-Shock, the master-blaster behind Elektrax and its various thriving sub-labels, has been inspirational support for a multitude of experienced as well as up-and-coming talent over the past two years, putting his money where his mouth is by releasing their tracks.

Now he's finally returning to his own musical journey, and what better way to re-start the ride than with this track, named after the Tokyo to Nagano bullet train, aslo exclusively remixed for this release by Hideo Kobayashi (Nagano Kitchen), Ken Ishii and Gayle San!

Kicking off proceedings on the A-Side is Ishii's fellow Japanese wunderkind Hideo Kobayashi in a swirling, gritty keyboard-stab groove that's got Detroit written all over it. Then Hi-Shock takes the helm, running the power feed and making the track soar in sizzling new ways.

On the flip-side Ken Ishii goes electronic funk and cool, surly, bass and beat driven attitude, while Gayle San's remix eases back on the throttle to reinstate the groove and a staggering tech house ethic that demands to be heard and played.

Killer techno with tech house, Detroit and funk flavours thrown in for sublime measure, already charted by Hernan Cattaneo and supported by DJ Misjah, Sian, Steve Parry, Kirk Degiorgio, Tom Hades, Brothers Vibe, Dave Ellesmere, Andy Cato, Laurent Garnier and many other top DJ's.



43 Comments to “DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express”

  1. Nagano to Tokyo Mix, good techno for the masses! 4/5

    Dave Ellesmere (cocoon, remote area)
  2. DJ Hi-Shock – Asama Express // Hideo Kobayashi remix is the favorite track. 4/5

    Andy Cato (Groove Armada)
  3. Really Feeling the original and Gayle San remix on this package. Will support.

    Djamel (Radio RTE Pulse // Ireland)
  4. Great EP

  5. amazing oldschool stuff! im loving the kobayashi remix!

    Tolis Q
  6. Undecided with Ken’s and Gayle for the best one :=) nice

    Steve Parker
  7. Ken ishii mix is a boooomb!!!

    Sebastian Roya
  8. Ken Ishii’s mix is definitely the one for me here – it’s got the groove.

    Max Cooper
  9. Great release. Full support!!! Kens Ishii mix and Gayle
    San are for me.

    Angel Alanis
  10. Great release!!!! thank you. i’ll play DJ Hi-Shock 2010 Remix !!!:)

    Edgar de Ramon
  11. proper organic techno moodyness, will play of course.

    Laurent Garnier
  12. will use Hideo Kobayashi remix..

    John Selway
  13. Wow, awesome techno EP! Love this. Your are great!

  14. ken ishii mix for me!!

    Kid Dub (cr2, definitive)
  15. 4/5, thanks!

    Paco Osuna
  16. DJ Hi-Shock version is cool! thanks.

    Mikael Jonasson (Harthouse)
  17. Very good techno tracks – feeling good

    Severin Breitkopf
  18. gayle for us

  19. DJ Hi-Shock Mix is really awesome…

    Matthias Springer
  20. Wow, such a nice overall package, with something for everything pretty much style-wise, my 2 favourite picks are the Ken Ishii Remix and the Gayle San Remix, will fully support this on the show and at gigs.

    Dave Fields (Radio Power FM // Ireland)
  21. Asama Express (DJ Hi-Shock remix), Big Room Badness!

    Sam Paganini
  22. cool ken ishi & gayle san remixes

    Kabale und Liebe (Remote Area)
  23. FAVOURITE TRACK is Ken Ishii remix

    DJ Misjah
  24. really like ken ishii’s mix!

    Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static)
  25. heavy rotation…

    Glanz and Ledwa
  26. nice old-school vibe

    TSUGI magazine
  27. Wicked release!! 5/5

    Ondrej (Kumquat, Switzerland)
  28. ken mix is great!

    Sian (Bedrock / Soma / Sci&Tec)
  29. Gayle San rmx and Hideo Kobayashirmx rmx for us.

    Underground Loophole aka UGLH (Noir)
  30. i will play the ken ishii remix

    DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso)
  31. Great mixes – Ken Ishii remix is fav!

    Brothers Vibe
  32. Solid release. Gonna have to go with the Hi-Shock remix as
    my fave here. Its got that pounding groove and peak time feel that really drives things home.

    Ben Mill
  33. Hideo Kobayasi’s Remix does it for me best. Also like
    Hi-Shock’s remix for tougher sets, overall a very good release!

    Mijk van Dijk
  34. good set of mixes, hideo kobyashi delivers a gem as always

    Steve Parry
  35. DJ Hi-Shock Remix, wicked track!

    Kirk Degiorgio
  36. Loving Hi-Shock & Gayle’s remix ! thanks !

    Tom Hades
  37. all the tracks are cool, specially love Gayle San Remix.

    Shin Nishimura
  38. Love this release , every mix got me in a different way..

    Stereo Underground
  39. Awaiting this release. Loving The A side.

  40. Love the acidic groove of Hideo Kobayashi’s mix; the
    Hi-Shock reconfiguration rumbles superbly; Ken Ishii really ups the ante on his mix; Gayle San’s is mesmerizing.

    Andrez Bergen / Little Nobody
  41. solid work, nice takes on the original. favourite track is Ken Ishii remix

    Wyndell Long
  42. Best mixes for me are the Gayle San and Ken Ishii.

    Dave Clarke
  43. All mixes are cool, but i can’t stop listening to Hideo Kobayashi’s remix at the moment, such mystic and refreshing techno sound!

    DJ Hi-Shock