Elektrax Recordings celebrates the label’s 50th release with Phuture Movement, a superb anniversary compendium presenting some of its greatest tracks from the past releases to date, sourced from the talented regular label artists and showcasing the true spirit of both the musicians and the label with their undiluted, unpasteurized, proper techno sound.


1. Claudio Masso – Insomnia
[Track taken from elek039]

2. Koda – Multiq
[Track taken from elek043]

3. Little Nobody feat. Robo Brazileira – Robota (Steve Stoll Remix)
[Track taken from elek031]

4. Psi Room – Underground (Ree.K Remix)
[Track taken from elek024]

5. Gayle San – Mania
[Track taken from elek026]

6.DJ Hi-Shock – Suburbia (Dark Funk Remix by Psi Room)
[Track taken from elek012]

7. Little Nobody feat. DJ Fodder – Cocaine Speaking (Secret Surfer Remix)
[Track taken from elek019]

8. Little Nobody vs. Magnet Toy – Depth Charge (Bitch Shift Remix)
[Track taken from elek020]

9. DJ Warp – Godzilla (Paul Mac Remix)
[Track taken from elek034]

10. V1NZ – Schematics
[Track taken from elek035]

11. Flag75 – Swamp
[Track taken from elek040]

12. A:T:A – Classicz 909
[Track taken from elek033]

13. Polygon Prompt – In Testa
[Track taken from elek027]

14. E383 – Haunebu 1
[Track taken from elek036]

15. DJ Warp – Psychic Attack
[Track taken from elek016]