01. Mark Broom – Box Set (Original Mix)

02. Mark Broom – M28 (Original Mix)

03. Mark Broom – M28 (Truncate Remix)

04. Mark Broom – M28 (Advanced Human Dub)



Fresh off the collaborative boat with people like James Ruskin and Paul Mac, plus some scathing vinyl releases through Beard Man, Blueprint and Edit Select Records, veteran UK producer Mark Broom sweeps into the Gynoid roster for the label's ninth wax twelve-inch. The number 9 is an auspicious number in Thailand, widely believed to bring good luck, and after being privy to this sensational outing we'd tend to agree!

'Box Set' traverses sweeping rhythm structures with anthemic, peak-time techno know-how - this would deck any floor at prime-time in the A.M. - while 'M28' ushers in a darker realm, full of stabs, the occasional erratic syncopation, and a phased-out dreaminess that's undercut by cataclysmic techno.

The Truncate remix of 'M28' continues the theme, albeit a more flanged and driving journey. Finally, Advanced Human snaps up the baton with his reinterpretation of the same track: think scatter-illogical rumblings and frequencies bound together in a mesmerizing funky and dubby groove.

Early support by: Luke Slater, Perc, Sasha, Rolando, The Black Dog, John Tejada, Joseph Capriati, Jonas Kopp, DJ Nori, Butane as well as top publications such as Raveline, De:Bug, DJ Mag Germany, DJ Mag Spain.



8 Comments to “Mark Broom – M28 EP”

  1. massive ep, full support !

  2. M28 rocks it, esp. Truncate mix.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  3. full support!

    Thomas Nordmann
  4. Amazing release, can’t wait to get my hands on the wax! All tracks pure quality

    Michele Ciuoffo & Marc Troit
  5. Solid Release !

  6. Big tracks by Mark Broom (again), and massive remix, full support !

  7. M28 original for me. Love me some Broom :)

    G R O U N D L O O P
  8. Sick sound but Truncate did it again :) Waiting for it.