01. Advanced Human – Cure (Original Mix)

02. Advanced Human – Seance (Original Mix)

03. Advanced Human – Purple Chords (Original Mix)

04. Advanced Human – Purple Chords (Black Hats Dub)



Gynoid Audio blasts its way into 2014 with this tremendous piece of wax, made by no other than Australian mastermind and Elektrax head honcho Advanced Human, aka DJ Hi-Shock.

Since her start in 2010, Gynoid Audio has settled itself as a real recognizable name amongst the techno premier league. However, although being known for it's bleak and deep techno vibes, it doesn't get any deeper than this EP.

'Cure' has this intense throbbing, dark bassline and a memorable synth, trying to fight it's way out of the apocalyptic climate Advanced Human has crafted for it. 'Seance' honors it's name, by combining eerie and spooky sounds which definitely wouldn't sound bad on Berghains Funktion One system.

On the B-Side 'Purple Chords' continues the play that was formerly staged on the A-side. It proves once again, a techno track doesn't need to have a stand-out synthline or melody to stand out in a techno set. Black Hats, from Germany, steps up again for yet another dubby Advanced Human remix, and does it in style.



10 Comments to “Advanced Human – Cure EP”

  1. Purple Chords is sounding pretty sweet :)

    Mary Velo
  2. thanks, like purple chords the most.

    Luke Slater
  3. Really good Black Hats remix.

    Audio Injection
  4. Amazing release!! will play “Advanced Human – Cure (Original Mix)”

    Takashi Watanabe
  5. cool grooves – will try out this weekend – thanks guys

  6. Seance is nice, dark and deep.

    Ben Klock
  7. Really like Black Hats dub. Will try that out. Thanks!

    Samuli Kemppi
  8. Seance and the Black Hats dub for me on this one. Really dig the atmosphere on the Seance track and the cool vibe on the Black Hats Dub as well.

    Jeroen Search
  9. Love all the tracks, but Seance and Purple Chords (Black Hats remix) are my favourites…Very, very nice tracks, mr AH!

  10. Seance is one of the best AH tracks so far, if not the best?

    Mattias Fridell