01. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (Blake Baxter Recon Decay Remix)

02. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (Original Mix)

03. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (Chris Finke’s Rave Remix)

04. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (Ground Loop Remix)

05. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (88uw Remix)

06. Little Nobody – The Thin Flan (Blake Baxter Depth Charge Remix)

07. Little Nobody – Behind the Meme Claw (Original Mix)




15 Comments to “Little Nobody – The Thin Flan EP”

  1. Love selection, techno at best !!

    DJ Aki 23
  2. Just got my head around the Ground Loop remix … it’s excellent.

    Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records
  3. Belting. Great package. It’s your originals, Baxter’s action and Chris Finke’s versions for me.

    Henry Compton (4th Monkey)
  4. Quality stuff on this baby – Blake Baxter Depth Charge Remix for me!!!

    Mirko Scheider (Foot Fetish Records)
  5. Thanks for sending Behind the Meme Claw, I like it.

    Tom Russell (aka Truss)
  6. ‘Behind the Meme Claw’ is a hot track, man.

    Alan Oldham (DJ T-1000)
  7. Nice work, that Meme original is real nice, I like it. Thanks!

    Audio Injection
  8. Original is pretty hard to beat!! 88uw’s also top shelf!

    Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records
  9. ‘Behind The Meme Claw’ (Original Mix) is for me!

    Shin Nishimura
  10. “Well done! The remixes are all great, with narrative progression. I like ‘Behind The Meme Claw’.”

    Shinji Tokida (Fountain Music, Japan)
  11. Wicked! Love the original of The Thin Flan and the Finke + 88uw remixes! thanks!

    Bas Mooy
  12. Quality EP! A cracking slice of Detroit from Blake Baxter, great stuff!

    Mike Holmes
  13. Future techno now.

  14. Brilliant stuff – thanks to all the remixers! (and Simon).

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  15. Excellent release! So many big names and so different, but always true sound.