01. Ade Fenton – Falling Down (Advanced Human Remix)

02. Ground Loop – Ampersand (Advanced Human Dub)

03. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Advanced Human Remix)

04. Positive Merge – Claustrophobia (Advanced Human Remix)

05. Mattias Fridell – Rent (Advanced Human Remix)

06. 88UW – The Errorist (Advanced Human Remix)

07. Ade Fenton – Alien Water (Advanced Human Remix)

08. Ground Loop – Ampersand (Advanced Human Remix)



If you love techno then it's quite probable that you're absolutely loving what DJ Hi-Shock has been doing lately under the Advanced Human moniker - and this baby captures all those inroads in a very sweet nutshell.

The remix of Ade Fenton's 'Falling Down' kick-starts things with a passion here - Si takes his previously brilliant DJ Hi-Shock remix of the same tune, grabs it by the collar, dirties it, cranks up the pure techno groove, and renders it (somehow) insanely better.

In mixing Ground Loop's 'Ampersand' he eases back a fraction into spacey, dubby tech, then hits dark, menacing paydirt with the Little Nobody tune 'Metropolis How?'

And this is just the tip of one very vital iceberg - there are another five essential techno reinventions to discover here...Enjoy.



20 Comments to “Advanced Human – The Remix Files Vol.1”

  1. Very cool pack here, will support all for sure!

  2. I love the remix of Falling Down!

  3. amazing work…

    Etapp Kyle
  4. Big work and massive release! All remixes are great!

  5. I like both Ade Fenton Remixes, I also like the Positive Merge one and the Ampersand Remix…will support!

    Dead Sound
  6. well, hard to choice between these monster tracks! Advanced Human is really a revelation for me on this 2011 so full
    support to every his project! btw my fav is the remix of “Falling Down”! Quality!

    Claudio Masso
  7. Strong remix pack, I’m in love with Advanced Human’s sound! Full support.

  8. Thanks, downloading. Will give them a proper listening :)

  9. Nice remix package. Advanced Human is nice a nice project. Hard to choose a favorite, all are nice.

    Mattias Fridell
  10. cool trax !!!! i will play !!

    DJ Warp
  11. very nice remixes inside!

  12. download for r hawtin

    richie hawtin
  13. love the remixes, great stuff!

    Audio Injection
  14. Many great tracks here. Will play some of them on radio and on gigs. Good good!

    Samuli Kemppi
  15. top notch – cutting edge of dub techno!

    Clemens Neufeld
  16. Thanks will test Metropolis How (Advanced Human Remix).

    Speedy J
  17. Wicked set of remixes..Think they can all be in my sets!!

    Damon Wild
  18. Claustrophobia (Advanced Human Remix) + Rent (Advanced Human Remix) + Alien Water (Advanced Human Remix) Is the one for me!! Liked all tracks. Great work !

  19. pretty consistent goodness where Advanced Human is concerned

    Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records
  20. Absolutely loving what you’re doing with the Advanced Human moniker, and this baby captures it all in a very sweet nutshell.

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)