01. Mary Velo – Nass (Original Mix)

02. Mary Velo – Nass (Ground Loop Remix)

03. Mary Velo – Lines Will Appear (Original Mix)

04. Mary Velo – District 03 (Original Mix)




17 Comments to “Mary Velo – Nass EP”

  1. cool EP – moody techno the way we like it thanx guys

    Slam (Soma / Drumcode)
  2. ground loop remix and district 03 for me!

    Jeroen Search
  3. Cool release, for sure can play in the right moments.

    Damon Wild
  4. really digging all these tracks!

    Audio Injection
  5. Some squashed moody tracks here. Fav is Lines Will Appear.

    Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric
  6. The Ground Loop remix is really cool, and also “Lines Will

    Patrick Bateman
  7. some good stuff to try out here!

    Luke Slater
  8. Very nice release! Like District 03 & Ground Loop remix most!

  9. District 03 for me, thanks!

  10. some nice dubby elements!

    Vince Watson
  11. nice subtle Ep perfect for the late morning club sets

    Andrew Till
  12. Like the deeper vibes…Thanks!

  13. Great release! Will play.

    Adriana Lopez
  14. very nice ep, i will try out.

    Antonio De Angelis
  15. Deep release, loving all tracks here !

    Advanced Human
  16. District03 is my favourite, will play it for sure!

    Claudio Masso
  17. Very nice! The mood is just lovely, the atmosphere is tight and the groove is immense. All tracks sounds ace, will definitively look out for more Mary Velo stuff during this year. Chart material.

    Mattias Fridell