01. George Paar – Cielo (Original Mix)

02. George Paar – Cielo (Patrick Krieger Remix)

03. George Paar – Vuelo (Original Mix)

04. George Paar – Vuelo (Mattias Fridell Remix)




16 Comments to “George Paar – Palabras Fundidas EP”

  1. Outstanding ep! Patrick Kriegers Remix is my favourite but
    all tracks has this certain something! great deep atmosphere… will play these a lot!

  2. really happy to be a part of this ep! mattias did a great job and the originals are just awesome!

    Patrick Krieger
  3. Great release! Can’t pick a favorite yet, like m all!

    Paul Boex
  4. Patrick Krieger mix is my fav! Good job!

    Bas Mooy
  5. The 2 original tracks are my picks.

    Vince Watson
  6. Huge tracks on this EP, full support !

    Advanced Human
  7. Nice deep tracks!! Cielo is my fav.

    Adriana Lopez
  8. great release guys definitely playing!

    Audio Injection
  9. Patrick Krieger Remix is my favorite. It’s great noisy and heavy beat….I like.

    Go Hiyama
  10. Downloading, thanks

    Chris Liebing
  11. Some good heavy sounds.

    Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric
  12. Great ep, will play both originals and remixes, thanks!!

    Agony Forces
  13. Patrick Krieger mix is a great warehouse destroyer

    Dave Clarke
  14. nice one i will try mattias remix

    Antonio de Angelis
  15. Wicked

    Mattias Fridell
  16. Excellent release!

    Future 16