01. +plattform – Caress (Original Mix)

02. +plattform – Unstatic (Original Mix)

03. +plattform – Doppler (Original Mix)

04. +plattform – Caress (Espen Lauritzen Rework)

05. +plattform – Unstatic (Rraph Remix)




29 Comments to “+plattform – CUD”

  1. Great Ep! All tracks and rmxes are good!!

    Luciano Sambati (Fabric London)
  2. Caress is nice! like Rraph Remix too.

    Arnaud Le Texier / Safari Electronique
  3. Really like this! Both the originals and the remixes are very nice!

    Bas Mooy / Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, Gynoid Audio
  4. Darks as hell!!!!! Strong shit

    Francois X / Deeply Rooted House / Concrete
  5. thanks!!!

    Danny Tenaglia
  6. downloaded for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin / Minus
  7. espen remix solid!

    DJ Hyperactive
  8. downloading thx

    Chris Liebing / CLR
  9. Thanks, will test.

    Speedy J / Electric Deluxe
  10. Caress for me thanks

    Mosca / BBC Radio 1
  11. liking both remixes.

    Florian Breidenbach
  12. Unstatic and Doppler for me, RAW!

    Darko Esser
  13. Rraph Remix is great here! thanx a lot

    Daniel Mumbling Sanchez
  14. Thanks, liking the raw deepness on Caress and Unstatic can be a fun one to play

  15. Nice !!! Doppler and that Espen remix for me!. Cheers

    Gareth Wild
  16. dark and very original nice one

    Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records)
  17. Very nice release! I like all the tracks here! will play for sure!

    LIMO / Transition Lab - Fachwerk - We Are
  18. Caress: 4/4 needed strictly. Doppler is nice. Espen Lauritzen remix is the best tune on the EP. WIll play out for sure!

    Joachim Spieth
  19. +plattform best techno producer from Norway out there imo… rraph remix is wicked.

    Espen Lauritzen
  20. Great rmx from Espen. solid one. thnks!

    Mathias Woot / Krill Music
  21. incredibly cool stuff
  22. many thanks!

  23. YEAH!!!

    Pierre Deutschmann / Micro.fon /
  24. raw beatz…like it.

    Luis Rozalen / Clubbing Spain
  25. yesss

  26. nice organic vibes.. will test a few of these.. thx

    The Advent
  27. downloaded for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin
  28. I like Unstatic’s Trippy vibe.

    Peter Van Hoesen
  29. thanks!

    Answer Code Request / Ostgut