01. Lodbrok – Flussesenc (Original Mix)

02. Lodbrok – Coordstrap Int (Original Mix)

03. Lodbrok – Kvlt Oe (Original Mix)

04. Lodbrok – Flussesenc (Dave Miller Remix)




22 Comments to “Lodbrok – Flussesenc EP”

  1. ohh!! great ep !

    Raffaele Attanasio
  2. Really interesting release! All tracks are superb!

    Van Morph
  3. Dave Miller remix all the way. Kvit Oe is really cool too.

  4. Bone rattling killer sounds. Proud to have Lodbrok as a partner in crime.

    I, Robo
  5. downloading thx

    Chris Liebing
  6. will test the dave miller’s remix, thanks.

    Jonas Kopp
  7. will spin Flussesenc, thanx guys

  8. Like Kvit Oe a lot! Heavy.

    Inigo Kennedy
  9. some nice jams in this one !

  10. Kvlt Oe is unique sound…I play next gig. Thanks!

    Go Hiyama
  11. solid release, will play all tracks for sure, thanks

  12. really nice ep i will try out this week my favorite is kvit

    Antonio de Angelis
  13. Both versions of Flussesenc are ace. WIll play for sure!

    Samuli Kemppi
  14. Dark and industrial without ever sounding cliche. Dope Dope! will play for sure!

    Nima Khak
  15. Top tracks all the way. Coordstrap Int and Dave Miller Remix are definitely my favorites. Full support!

    Kasper Melchior
  16. Solid EP full support

    Espen Lauritzen
  17. Enjoyed doing the Flussesenc remix. Will play all original tracks for sure too!

    Dave Miller
  18. I quite like Dave’s remix most but all tracks sounds nice.

    Mattias Fridell
  19. Dave’s remix for me, I like the vibe.

    Jeroen Search
  20. Heavy hitting tunes! Will play :) thanks

    Bas Mooy
  21. A 1 for me!

    Joachim Spieth
  22. Nice one!

    Folker Zwart