ABOUT Hartner

Hartner is the new moniker of Daniel Mehlhart, emphasizing rough, dark and uplifting Techno.

“I got into the whole techno and house thing through 90’s trance and the pounding techno stuff which was big around 2002″, Daniel explains. Artists like Chris Liebing, The Advent or Speedy J have been a big influence to him. Loads of CLR, Primate or (early) Drumcode records are hiding in his vinyl collection of about 1500 records.

“When I started to produce my own stuff, I quickly changed my preference and worked on more melodic and housy tracks,” he remembers. Between 2006 and today, Daniel released various Eps and remixes as “Daniel Mehlhart”. Also his own label “notes” was born in 2010. In these years Daniel lost his focus for the real techno stuff and was busy doing his thing.

But in late 2011 Daniel rediscovered his passion for dark and rough techno sounds. Again, Chris Liebing was responsible for that. “One evening i checked the CLR website. I knew that the label got refreshed so i needed to check it out. New logo, new name, everything. I discovered the CLR Podcast and downloaded a set by Truncate (totally unknown to me at this time) and fed my Iphone with it. The next day i enjoyed it while sitting in the train. All i could do is bounce my head and smile all the time”.

That was the turning point. Remembering the good vibes he experienced at his first techno parties in Frankfurt, especially the legendary “Es ist Freitag Aaaabend” nights, he went straight to the studio and started to tweak some nasty and noisy sounds out of his speakers.

It was so much fun that he produced a bunch of tracks in a short time and the idea rose to create a new moniker for that sound. Here we are!

His first release “Remis” has been released in October 2012 on “Stolen Moments”, a dutch imprint, followed by his “Hazardous” EP on Translucent in January 2013.