A remix selection of past and present tracks originally hacked together by Andrez Bergen, except (18) composed by Devin Wine, and “Cocaine Speaking” originally composed by Andrez Bergen, Jeff Willis & Francois Tetaz.

Put through the wringer by internationals including Si Begg, Steve Cobby (from Fila Brazillia), Tobias Schmidt, Jason Leach (from Subhead), Toshiyuki Yasuda (a former member of Fantastic Plastic Machine) and Devin Wine, plus fellow Aussies Pat Stormont, Isnod & DJ Slab, and some new mixes by Bergen.

Styles: Electro, Techno, Abstract, Glitch, IDM, Tech House, Ambient, Breakbeat, Cut-up/DJ, Acid, Downtempo, Broken Beat




10 Comments to “SLAM-DUNK NINJA: The Perspicacious Remix Selection”

  1. Still loving this selection…

    Nina P
  2. Captain Funk is massive over in Japan and so is his Remix here!”

    DJ Hi-Shock
  3. Eclectic, yet oddly inspiring, and I have to say that the mixes by Jason Leach and Tobias Schmidt, and the remix of ‘Alright Already’ by Si Begg, are three of the best tracks I’ve heard this year!

    DJ Mike Dole
  4. All wicked!

    Sebastian Bayne
  5. Mixes of ‘Nobody’s Driving’ sounded interesting, and though the Toshiyuki [Yasuda] mix appears to be only a minute long, it’s great while it lasts.

    Sir Real
  6. I’ve checked them out. Great!!

    Okawa Yuichiro
  7. A nice mix of minimal, electro-glitch, techno and trip hop. Very cool. There are a couple of stand out tracks. I really liked the Isnod mix and Tobias Schmidt and Steve Cobby has a real nod along baseline. The Captain Funk mix of Cocaine is HUGE!!!

    Ant Banister
  8. Interesting sounds going on in this remix package, particularly with Pat Stormont, who has played at one of our label parties last year and played really cool, stripped-back minimal techno.

    Daniel Filipovic
  9. Good work, mate.

    Steve Cobby
  10. Track 13 is my favourite, very nasty. Just the way I like it.