Welcome to the Disquoteque! With more than just a slight change in the spelling of the word, Andrez Bergen (alias Little Nobody) channels a childhood bombarded by disco and hitches it to Status Quo, then filters the concoction into darker ’70s stuff by Black Sabbath, and the cut-up mentality of Cabaret Voltaire.

Disquo rules the equation, and Bergen’s original mix starts out as hardish house, before breaking down into an acid line and joyfully distorted Rhodes piano, glitches, and funk-style vocals. Think insanely catchy dancefloor-fodder with a twist, like a musical hurricane than grabs the unsuspecting and would quite possibly stun our disco-dancing parents.

Deep Night grabs that hurricane in his own mix, tames the beast, tweaks it, and produces a wonderfully solid, funky counter-balance that grooves and smooths in booty-shaking new ways. This is terrific house/tech/disco for an enlightened new generation.

Merian Cooper strips everything right back and goes for the hypnotic tech-minimalism of Basic Channel. It’s the chill-out groove after the storm; the wind-down number the two previous tracks have deemed essential. Thouht-provoking, innovative and sensation in its own right, this is electronica for the future of now.

Styles: House, Tech House, Disco




12 Comments to “Andrez Bergen – Disquo EP”

  1. Disco never sounded so cool nor so eclectic – love it!!

    Pete PSAF
  2. NOW’S the time to check it out… ‘Disquo’ is AWESOME. I like my party tunes pumping.

    Tony Irvine
  3. I heard ‘Disquo’. I like this build-up style! Groovy drum and hard noisy sounds stimulate my brain! I think this track is suited for long mix play. Cool!!

    DJ Warp
  4. well done! nice sound textures!

  5. Will Play this weekend. STOMPER

  6. Disquo is a mind blowing track, the Deep Night techy remix is cool..

  7. Big up!! All tracks are great, especially the Deep Night remix, which ‘Yabai’! Anyway, keep up your cool, solid production.

    Captain Funk
  8. Dude, these tracks are cool – hook me up!

  9. Favs: Disquo (Deep Night Remix)

    Miss Nine
  10. Tribalish sound with a killer vocal. This will always be a classic vocal

    Dirty [M]
  11. Deep Night remix is cool.

    Chris Drifter
  12. Still loving this release!

    Nina P