01. Somebody Talks (Original Mix)
02. Somebody Talks (Dich Remix)
03. Somebody Talks (PARANOIA106 Remix)
04. Look Out Experience (Original Mix)
05. In Our Deepness (Original Mix)



Spanish producer Zair teams up with a close friend of his Jecko for this EP; Balearic Deepness. Ironically, they are both from the district of the Balearic Islands, and enforce an EP ranging from deep house to tech-house.

Somebody Talks is the intro track, with the original being composed as a deep house track with funky vocals adding to the tracks elegance. The Dich and PARANOIA106 remixes are both a tad more upbeat and techy house.

Look Out Experience has rhythmic beats with percussion getting the mood going, while In Our Deepness, the final track on the EP by the two Spaniards asserts a stronger and more techy conclusion to a well organised release.

- Reviewed by Alkan



5 Comments to “Zair & Jecko – Balearic Deepness EP”

  1. In Our Deepness, is very deep, classy

    Homme Studio
  2. thanks for the comments, I think this EP really liked the people

  3. Para una sesión me quedo con el Look Out Experience, pero la verdad es q me gusta también el In Our Deepness, por sus atmósferas, para algo más experimental… Enhorabuena cracks…

  4. Love the “original mix”!!

    Tommy Rotundo
  5. The original of Somebody Talks is grossly out of key. However, I do dig Look Out Experience.

    Jay Kaufman (Sonambulist, Fullbodysoundsystem, 19Box Records/Park Muzik, Tortoise Shell Recordings)