01. Wurx (Original Mix)
02. Wurx (Claudio Masso Remix)
03. Wurx (Eight Minus Eight Remix)
04. Destroy All Music (Original Mix)
05. Destroy All Music (Yakumo Love Remix)
06. Square Roots (Original Mix)
07. Square Roots (Andrea Festa Remix)




25 Comments to “Hologram Hookers – Wurx EP”

  1. Wow man keep it up


  2. Classic sound Great tracks
    Andrea Festa vs Hologram Hookers

    plastic bacs
  3. Ho ascoltato il tuo remix
    bel pezzo Andrea Complimenti
    mi piace molto la tua musica
    aspetto il disco su traxsurce?

  4. Hologram Hooker remix Andrea Festa NICE

  5. Release Date: 10 Mar 2010
    Great remix andrea festa

  6. Great tracks andrea festa

  7. Great set of tracks and mixes mate, best of luck with it.

    Eight minus Eight
  8. hello andrea festa old school chicago :-)

  9. 07. Square Roots (Andrea Festa Remix)

    i like nice sound

  10. Great tracks my freind!!!!

    Shaun Mauren
  11. Big Support, my Friend……

    Raditz Room
  12. I thot of like 15 new scientific innovations while this one inspired me.

    Marshall Jefferson
  13. Really fantastic track. Moody and funky! Proper electronic music. Good job!

    Claude Young
  14. all our support to this release¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Black I.C.E.
  15. Square Roots is an instant classic.Wow!!!
    All hail the Hookers

  16. Excellent tracks as always man!

    Particularly liking the originals of Wurx and Destroy All Music. Almost have that classic Belgian/R&S records feel to them. Will definitely play!

    Tidy remixes too. Nice release.

    Monsieur DeLarge (Inner City Acid)
  17. Woop Woop another party starter from the Hologram Hookers!
    Bringing back this good ol’ techno sound!!
    Love the kraftwerk vox in Destroy All Music :)
    Square Roots is essential material for any DJ!!

  18. Wurx is excellent, the rolling bassline reminds me of donna summers ‘i feel love’ and the synths and pads are like 90’s detroit, i love it! excellent remixes aswell, love the acid one.
    Destroy all music, total sci fi
    Square roots is a sure pleaser on any dancefloor.

  19. yo man
    that choon is off the chain

    aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed house

    dj sean dexter
  20. you know I want it,,,lol..gr8 beats

  21. Nice EP. I will be dropping Wurx in my sets for sure.

    Nice Job

    Mykel Waters
  22. Amazing ep ! Pure tech house with 8 tons of energy like all DJs love to play in the middle of the night. Great one !

  23. Top synth attack dude, love the range of mixes from detroit-esque to the deeper sounds. Like it alot :D

    Mark Archer (altern8)
  24. amazing release. love most mixes. a modern take on acid house and classic club culture. club music for the digital age. fave mixes: wurx original, masso,
    destroy all music: original, yakumo love, square rots: orig. will play all.

    billie ray martin (s'xpress)
  25. Another quality selection from the hookers and co.

    Managaed to see him live in Scotland one time, AMAZIN raw acid sounds

    Keep up the good work mate


    Ste Bailey