01. Tominori Hosoya – My Funny Daughters (Original Mix)

02. Deep Inquisitive – Shiki (Original Mix)

03. Asian Psilocybe Foundation – Light Line (Original Mix)

04. Takashi Watanabe – Club Harie (Original Mix)



The melodic, dubbed out techno sounds are in its hayday in Japan, and Hypnotic Room is the embodiment of this trend, bringing you, once again, warm spacious sounds by some of Japan's most talented artists.

A1 track immediately feels like a warm bubble-bath, having all the right ingredients for those dubby moments; warm vibrant chord stabs, inventive pad-work, and spacy effects, making Tominori Hosoya's 'My Funny Daughters' a masterpiece.

This side closes off with Deep Inquisitive's track 'Shiki', and it doesn't get any more 'dub' than this. Close your eyes and you instantly feel like sipping wine in one of Ibiza's beachclubs. Pure quality dub techno !

The joy continues on side B, and Asian Psilocybe Foundation gears it up with 'Light Line', super dreamy, but still keeping the dance-vibe strongly in there.

Wrapping up this 12" is the usual suspect Takashi Watanabe, who's making a name for himself quickly in Japan. Fans won't be disappointed, because 'Club Harie' is truly one of his best works. The use of synth is brilliant, and makes it a very usable track for the clubs.



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