ABOUT Julixo

Julian Belen Techno stage begins, during early 2012.

Focused entirely on Dub Techno, Julixo scatters his music for labels like Fluxus Rec, Kaputt Muzik, Ketra Rec,Tono ltd, Hypnotic Room, Par Recordings, Evasion Room Records, Translucent, Vokodek Music, Reaktivate Records and more coming soon.

Julixo has shared EP’s with artists like: Mattias Fridell, Lui Urbano, Ad lib, Phase I / Kaelan, Gonzalo MD, Stefano Infusino, Krenzlin, Patrick Krieger, Acronym, Unam Zetineb, Chris Page, among others.

Currently he is working on some vinyl projects.