ABOUT Krenzlin

Will and Persistence against Vitamin B Deficit

Masses over masses try themselves at being a DJ and in the production of techno. Being a newcomer in this overcrowded market doesn’t seem appealing at first sight. Putting in a lot of effort to establish one’s reputation is not everyone’s cup of tea. To stand out of the masses one must buckle down or have the proper Vitamin B. When Vitamins are lacking, what especially counts are a strong will and persistence. Those are guarantors for the opportunity to exhibit one’s talent eventually. The rise of Krenzlin followed this principle on one of the surest Newcomer-Floors in the world. After Sebastian Krenzlin started DJing in 2003, it took several years for him to eventually be discovered as a newcomer after his participation at the Tresor Award of Pacou in 2009. Since he played in the Tresor for the first time in September 2010, he is counted among the steady Ensemble of Berlin’s legendary club.

With the series of events „New Faces“ and three allies he forms a platform for the performance of new faces. Every first Wednesday in the month he starts his own special event under this flag seeking for new talents who impersonate this spirit.

Even as a producer Krenzlin build up a reputation since 2011. If one reads the list of labels under which he has released since, it is hard to believe that such a fantastic discography can be formed in this short amount of time. With Synewave, BCR, Mastertraxx Records, Slap Jaxx or Hypnotic Room, the best pools for exceptional, underground profiles of techno-acts of the last years string together. In the spring of 2012 a co-production with 88uw and Synewave followed and came like a bombshell exactly like the one countless times before in the Tresor…