Elektrax Music provides affordable yet high end, professional mastering for djs, artists and record labels. Thank you for considering our Elektrax Mastering Service, to get started please follow the 3-step process below.

STEP ONE: Prepare your pre-master audio files

  • Label correctly: Artist Name – Track Name (Additional info in brackets if required).
    For example: Advanced Human – Final Fantasy (Original Mix)
  • Frequency: 44.1kHz or above.
  • Resolution: 24bit or above.
  • Format: Only .wav or .aif files will be accepted.
  • Headroom: -3dB or -6dB headroom between the loudest peak of the track and 0dB.
  • No limiter on your master output and no clipping. No dither required on your pre-master.
  • Finally, upload your track(s) via WeTransfer or Dropbox and provide the download link in the form below.

STEP TWO: Purchase mastering

Please choose the service you require and pay for your tracks in advance via PayPal. We provide unlimited revisions, until you are 100% satisfied with the final masters.


  • Order 1 track: €30
  • Order 2 tracks: €60
  • Order 3 tracks: €81
  • Order 4 tracks: €108
  • Order 5 tracks: €135
  • Order 6 tracks: €150

**In addition, we offer discounted rates for a full album or more than 6 tracks, please contact us for a quote.