ABOUT Micol Danieli

Micol Danieli born in Rome in the late 80s, soon firmly establishes herself as a new talent of techno music. Always curious about different music genres she begins as a child to study the piano and to listen to different bands and artists. Her career as a DJ begins when she meets Renè from Circoloco DC10, he teaches her how to spin records and introduces her to the music scene. Three years ago Renè introduces her to Gabriel Carasco, DJ/PRODUCER & Sound Engineer who teaches Micol how to produce music and introduces her to all the production world and business.

Her first release “under the boo tree” hits immediately the top techno charts on beatport, one of the two tracks included in the EP “Shibuya” is used as soundtrack at Milan fashion week in 2012 by the famous fashion brand “Anteprima”. Today she currently works at Mastering Unlimeted Studio in Rome/Zurich/Berlin and is involved in the project Resiliens.

What we can say about her products is that they always find an explosion of new sounds with the concept of techno taken with extreme care. With an eye to the future and an ear to the past for the most demanding dance floor, but always with the old-school taste.