ABOUT Raditz Room

Raditz Room began his journey as a DJ in late 2005 playing gigs in Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon & Bali.

He studied at Ijoel DJ School in Bandung and during that time was inspired and influenced by known Indonesian DJs, such as Guntur (DJFlash) ex-resident DJ B1-Jakarta, Ijoel Dwijanti (The 3rd Best DJ in ASEAN 1986), Alex Winardi (an influential man of techno music in Indonesia).

From House to Techno, a simple track to attractive sounds, he packed in one with catchy beats, driving tunes in my sets. Tech-Trance is the style he played when starting DJing because he likes the characteristic of the style, full of amazing instruments and innovative sounds.

Now he plays Progressive House, Tech House, Minimal Techno, and Techno styles with strong Techno elements in my sets. He surely rocks the dance floor with his soulful performance.

He started to produce the electronic dance music (EDM) with Reason 4, Sony Acid Pro 7, Sony Soundforge 10 Pro and VST plugins in early 2007.

He made 20 tracks demo, style ranging from Tech House, Minimal Techno and Techno. My tracks so influences like Axel Karakasis, Marco Bailey, Cave, Max Walder, Dimitri Andreas, Dubfire, Sharam, Alan Fitzpatric, Spektre, Umex, Fergie, Uto Karem, Stereo Underground and many more Techno producers.

Because I like their style in producing dance music, many new sounds, instruments, and new techno characters, to make me much more to learn about Techno music.