ABOUT Sceptical C

Sceptical C is his name, which represents how his vision is about lots of musical styles that are brought in by the different scenes.

After having played in a café in Eindhoven for 2 years, he got so bored of playing others people music, that he decides to start making it himself. After going to the open air dance party “SHINE” in Eindhoven, he started opening up more for electronic music, but especially the Techno sound. But he was not sold to it, until he went to ILT(I Love Techno) in Belgium. This was such an amazing experience with such an amazing sound that this was his new mission to start working on. Producing high quality Techno!

With a little help of his good friend, teacher and ½ STU Bro’s partner, Tachini, he started working with Ableton Live ,Cubase and Fruityloops. Together they battled a long way to reach a high level of Techno, which would make you move your body and brains on the dance floor till you popped!

Nowadays he’s releasing material on the labels Elektrax Recordings, Common Good, Flatlife Records, Naked Lunch, Kucera Records and Extorsion Group Recordings. More labels to follow soon, so this won’t be the last you’ve heard of him!

The motto he goes by nowadays and that has been told to him by a good friend is:
“Don’t speak anymore…let the beats do this for you!”

Till we meet on the long road of Techno!