SERi was born in 1976 in Shizuoka in Japan. He is influenced by UR, Orbital, and AFX, etc. in 1993 and begins to produce his own music. He entered the university in Sapporo in 1995, and was asked to do a live performance in the local club, playing Detroit, minimal, and deep house sounds. SERi then returns to Shizuoka in 1999, and begins his DJ career.

He recently restarted his own SERi project after receiving an offer from “Deep Fog” in 2006 to appear on digital compilation album ‘Perfect Strangers -Electronic-‘ out on Asian Dynasty records. Afterwards, ‘Spindrift ep’ is released from Coincidence Records in Belgium in 2008, and ‘Kraut Rock ep’ released on Cupido Records of Italy in 2009.