ABOUT Sizemoreism

Through a hurricane of hometown hating, swift navigation is the key. In 2005 Sizemoreism took on a journey to create contemporary electronic music that could reflect the northern parts of Sweden and in the long run create a soundscape to his imaginary spacesuit.

4 years of cutting samples, testing out kickdrums and scribbling gnarly ass electro presets he realized that less is more, brake it down to the bone gristle, kill your darlings, shape your love ones and strap it tight.

You may call him a slow starter, so be it, but finally in ’09 in someway you could start to visualize the distant opacity of a triangular shaped pattern in a organized wall of nothingness, blunt attempt of expressing undefined feelings. So now a jump off is set, done and fixated, the turnout is uncertain, hopefully in the near future a sign of life will appear and fuse into the high quality kettle of the musical aesthetics we in this world chosen to dub as micro-house.

About The Music:
As eternal decay of a perfectly shaped rimshot, the rhythms are to cut loose and allowed to shift persona as they start a ethereal roll as a metallic hi hat cluster often interpreted as musical tumbleweed along the filthy shores of the Nordic sea. Sizemoreism’s music thriving to be a musical melting pot ranging from Phillp Glass to Foreinger with Flintheart Glomgold as the prime spectator.

Biography by: Hans Tweaklund.