ABOUT Timo Glock

Timo Glock – dj, producer, remixer, was born in Chorzów, Silesia (Poland) in February, 1988. He has always been fascinated by music. He put his first steps in the century trying 15 years of one’s powers at diverse programs for mixing. Then a train arrived to the real equipment and standing up to secrets of real coordinating works. Fan of the psychodelic music and dark ambient. In his shots of vodka we can hear the range “cosmic” of sounds what is taking us in the process into the charming travel by “deep into of music”. As a producer, he published as many as a dozen or so including works on folding and EP. Member of the Katowice Dirty Stuff Records stable, Achromatiq, Business Class Records, Wall Music, Berlin Aufnahmen, Dark X Recordings and Berlin Symbiostic.