01. Little Nobody – Scratch Awl (Original Mix)

02. Little Nobody – Behind the Meme Claw (Original Mix)

03. Little Nobody – Ni-MH (Original Mix)



Little Nobody's Andrez Bergen, who's been cutting up tunes for 16 years (and with ourselves for four of them), has gone and reinvented himself one more time. He tends to do that.

Scratch Awl is landmark, innovative techno/electronica that samples one of Bergen's own tracks from his first Little Nobody LP ('Pop Tart') in 1998 and has a brooding depth reminiscent of Traversable Wormhole but completely different again - and some marvelous stereophonics.

Behind The Meme Claw returns to techno with a funky edge and a repressed urgency (it was recently remixed by Alan Oldham, aka DJ T-1000) while Ni-MH gets the beats out there in demanding old school warehouse party fashion.



33 Comments to “Little Nobody – Scratch Awl EP”

  1. ‘Behind the Meme Claw’ is a hot track, man.

    Alan Oldham (DJ T-1000, Detroit)
  2. Particularly enjoying ‘Behind the Meme Claw’. Nice work.

    Tom Russell (Truss, Perc Trax)
  3. Killer record.

  4. Very, very great release!! I will support in my next sets!!

    Andreas Florin (Planet Rhythm, Germany)
  5. Thanks! They are such nice techno tracks! I’m going to play!

    DJ Wada (Co-Fusion, Japan)
  6. Nice one… Will play for sure.

    Adriana Lopez (Spain)
  7. Nice work, that Meme original is real nice, I like it.

    Audio Injection
  8. wicked! Quality as always. Full support!!

    Bas Mooy
  9. Thanks for the EP, some nice touches.

  10. The mood and vibe [of Scratch Awl] is bang on and reminds me of Traversable Wormhole. I really like it. I think, especially just before the middle where the pads really come in and there are the vox bites and delayed shakers, etc, it’s really strong.

    Ben Mill (Ground Loop, Australia)
  11. Absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to get a copy.

    Ryan Miller (Chicago, USA)
  12. I like Scratch Awl the most – really nice and dark.

    Rysh Paprota (Australia)
  13. Full support for the entire EP. Scratch Awl is my favourite.

    Sebastian Bayne (IF? Records)
  14. nice project. behind the meme claw works for me.

    anthony shakir
  15. F**king wicked stuff… Play until the cow comes home!

    Matt Van Diemen (Australia)
  16. Congrats man, nice work!

    Luis Flores (Mexico)
  17. Great groove.

    Stingrays Stingray
  18. I really like this.

    Bactee & Tito (Poland)
  19. Scratch Awl is phatt!!!!

    Krenzlin (Germany)
  20. Nice twisted sounds!!

  21. Nice dark sound… very mysterious.

    Christian Weber (Websten)
  22. That’s a solid release, mate! Very nice stuff. I wish I had of had the Scratch Awl track for NYE because that would of fit right in with what I was playing. Love the second track too!

    Gene Hoffmann (Australia)
  23. Behind the Meme Claw sounds good to me.

    Shin Nishimura (Japan)
  24. The 2nd and 3rd ones are my faves!

    Luke Snarl (Sub Bass Snarl, Sydney, Australia)
  25. Nice stuff!

    Patrick Krieger (Frankfurt, Germany)
  26. Solid release again, the title track is my favorite. Great funk & atmosphere. Full support from me as always.

    Mattias Fridell (Sweden)
  27. Loving ‘Behind the Meme Claw’! The groove is very good and I like the breaks in it… very dancefloor oriented!

    Claudio Masso (Italy)
  28. Future techno!!!!

    Daily Yamazaki (Japan)
  29. Scratch Awl is an inspiring minimalistic marvel, sir.

    Mars Vertigo (Bristol, UK)
  30. Sounds really good… deep, dark, love it – great atmosphere.

    - X - (Belgium)
  31. Scratch Awl is nice and so original track, like it.

    Kwartz (Madrid, Spain)
  32. Love the Scratch Awl track the most – very earthy. Will definitely play it at my next outdoor gig. Good release!

    Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records
  33. Thanks, Si – am chuffed to get this one out through Translucent. ;)

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)