01. Patrick Gil – Steeple (Original Mix)

02. Patrick Gil – Undercurrent (Original Mix)

03. Patrick Gil – Undercurrent (Ground Loop ‘Flow’ Remix)

04. Patrick Gil – Undercurrent (Fundamental Interaction Remix)

05. Patrick Gil – Undercurrent (Ben Mill ‘Always’ Remix)




17 Comments to “Patrick Gil – Undercurrent EP”

  1. Undercurrent (Fundamental Interaction Remix) is my fav.

  2. I really like the originals. Will play for sure. Thanks!

    Philippe Petit
  3. Thanks for the dope remixes guys!!

    Patrick Gil
  4. nice package all of them are nice, for me fundamental interaction mix

    Antonio de Angelis
  5. all tracks are top notch material

    Mattias Fridell
  6. as always good stuff from patrick gil…i like the two originals at most but the remixes are cool too. top ep!

    Patrick Krieger
  7. Love the slamming Fundamental Interaction Remix. Will play for sure!

    Inigo Kennedy
  8. fundamental interaction and ground loop remixes for me.

  9. Very cool ep. Great originals and remixes too. Undercurrent (original mix) is my favorite.

    Salvador Roibon
  10. great originals!

    Audio Injection
  11. Steeple, Ground Loop ‘Flow’ Remix and Fundamental Interaction Remix for my sets !

    Advanced Human
  12. Absolute class EP… All tracks are ace!

  13. The original and Ground Loop remix of Undercurrent are dope! I will definitely fit them in between two other songs while playing music at people.

    Dustin Zahn
  14. downloaded for r hawtin

    richie hawtin
  15. Hard to choose, HQ in this ep !

    Unam Zetineb
  16. Steeple for me!

    Len Faki
  17. Top class release so much groove, I’m a big fan of both
    Patrick Gil & Fundamental Interaction

    Ashley Borg