The eagerly awaited follow-up Little Nobody EP to January’s critically acclaimed Game Over: Variations EP will be forthcoming in June 2008, through the collaborative work of Tokyo-based label IF? Records and Sydney’s digital label Hypnotic Room.

Titled Wayward Seafarers, it’s a 5-track journey by Little Nobody that rearranges the same sounds and samples to create 5 completely different tracks and musical genres, all of them electronic in nature, with shades of hip-hop, acidic techno, cut-up experimentalism, dub, ambience, and club cool.

Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody, is an expatriate Australian journalist, some-time musician, photographer, DJ, occasional illustrative pencil-pusher, one-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and an ad hoc beer connoisseur, formerly from Melbourne, who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for almost 7 years now—and has been making Little Nobody music for a decade.

He’s also been remixed by Si Begg, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Jason Leach from Subhead, Steve Cobb from Fila Brazillia, Tobias Schmidt, Tal, and Captain Funk.




8 Comments to “Little Nobody: Wayward Seafarers EP”

  1. Lovin’ the new Justin Robertson remix of Get Away From It All… when’s that coming out??

    Pete PSAF
  2. It’s always a pleasure to spin Little N stuff.

    DJ Marty Batfreak
  3. Just downloaded the promo, will play it tonight.

    Tim Colman
  4. I love listening to your music.

    DJ Seb Bayne
  5. Nice one!

    Cem Oral
  6. I enjoyed listening!

    Steve Law
  7. Nice stuff.

    Ingmar Koch
  8. Jidaigeki Brekky is very challenging track, cool and funny! and love the coolness of Wish You Weren’t Here

    Tatsuya Oe