ABOUT Little Nobody

Aliases: Andrez Bergen, Dick Drone, Ein Kleiner Schelm, Schlock Tactile, Funk Gadget, DJ Fodder
In Groups: Veronica du Lac, Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira, Little Nobody feat. DJ Fodder, Elektronauts

Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody, is an expatriate Australian journalist, some-time musician, photographer, DJ, occasional illustrative pencil-pusher, filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and an ad hoc beer connoisseur, formerly from Melbourne, who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for almost 10 years now.

He’s released his somewhat eclectic sounds through several Elektrax imprints, along with Si Begg’s Noodles Discotheque in the UK, American label Auricular, Japanese labels Plaza In Crowd and TTAK, and his own IF? imprint.

He’s also been remixed by a virtual who’s who of contemporary electronica: James Ruskin, Si Begg, Justin Robertson, Bill Youngman, Donk Boys, Luke’s Anger, Justin Berkovi, Bas Mooy, DJ Hi-Shock, Shin Nishimura, Jammin’ Unit, Dave Tarrida, Steve Stoll, DJ Wada, Jason Leach, MIjk van Dijk, Dave Angel, Patrick Pulsinger, Paul Birken, Biochip C, Tobias Schmidt, and many others.