The EP starts off with Little Nobody teaming up with Magnet Toy to deliver the dark, tuff, stadium-techno assault of “Depth Charge”, a track sounding very Luke Slater, a la Planetary Assault Systems.

The second live track, “Bulletproof”, chills a fraction as it begins with a laidback beat that slowly morphs into a nice, funky stereo mix. This is solid tech house!

“Live Mix 1.0″ has a distorted bassline that pans, then fittingly moves from 4/4 to to hip hop beats, and then back, with smooth transitions – solid tech-house here, too.

You’ll dig the rhythmic glitches in “Live Mix 2.0″. Who wouldn’t? At about 9:23, a new segment starts, and we really like the way in which the kick is EQ’d – it’s very Richie Hawtin, as a DJ, not producer!!

This wicked collection of live sessions ends, fittingly enough, with “This is Tokyo”, chock-full of way cool beatz and samples.

Styles: Techno, Tech House, Acid House, Electro, Breaks




11 Comments to “Ein Kleiner Schelm vs. Little Nobody: Live in Tokyo EP”

  1. Cool. I like lots.

  2. The Live in Tokyo pack is pretty cool. I would say I like it on the whole.

    Trevor Wilkes
  3. A choice selection that somehow eludes the gamut of musical categories – here there is a bit of Detroit-style tech-house; there is the brush with drum & bass and early notions of dubstep. Disco and ragga also enter the fray. Somehow it works. Don’t ask me how. These guys are mental.

  4. Nice work! I really enjoyed it. It varies and shows alot of depth.

    Ben Mill
  5. Laid back minimal rocking…. I love it!!

    Son of Zev
  6. can i get a copy of that release, its f**king hot!

    Dale Baldwin
  7. I like the way each track builds and bends in the most unexpected ways, and at times I think of classic Underground Resistance if one were sucking on acid.

    Helmut Schmidt a.k.a. "O"
  8. Pure tech-house madness with layers and layers of minimalistic grooves

    DJ Hi-Shock
  9. Very nice bubbling acid and electro with slick live production!

    Yusuke Abe
  10. very good beat, Bulletproof will be on my chart

    Miguel Casimiro
  11. bulletproof-live in tokyo is very cool shit